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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Natalya Kasperskaya: To combat personal data leaks, criminal accountability is needed for KXan managers 36 Daily News

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 00:26:41

….about turnover penalties for executives

Rotation fines are not yet a punishment for everyone, they will affect only a part of the subjects, owners of personal data. For example, it does not affect public institutions, whose leaks are massive. And for them, a billing penalty is a measure that does not work. Some other measures are needed there, up to the criminal punishment of the people responsible for data protection and, perhaps, even the administrators. Because if we apply some kind of strict measures to one part of the players, but the other part doesn’t like it, it just won’t work.

… about companies that leak data

Companies -owners of large personal data- are not stupid, they also see this law. They are starting to put straws in advance and are already saying that the Ukrainians stole a huge amount of personal data this and last year. That is, any data leak can be declared as a previous data theft and not from us. Leak investigation is difficult, expensive and, most importantly, difficult to implement under administrative liability and civil process conditions. As part of an administrative case, you cannot come to the company and force it to show all the data. It turns out that even for commercial companies, billing penalties are not enough.

… on the commercial circulation of data

If a person makes search queries to Yandex, then goes to Yandex Taxi, then orders food for himself through Yandex Food, then the person can be uniquely identified. And then all previously received data becomes personal. For a long time in our country it has been discussed where the demarcation line is. There are two extreme positions on the matter. For example, the Big Data Association believes that “citizens’ personal data is the property of big data operators” because they have collected this data and provide services to users based on it. The other extreme position is to treat all data, including metadata, as personal. But in this case, no artificial intelligence service will work in our country. It is necessary to take a few steps from extreme positions and seek the truth in the middle. The Association position cannot be fully accepted, because it completely organizes an orgy with data, and the “close all” position cannot be used either, because it completely closes the market. Of course, we as security guards see this as a threat.

… on the financing of software import substitution

There is one (difficulty): funds for the development of system software and software for development were not allocated last year. And, as the minister explained to us, funds for the Central Committee are not expected to be allocated for 2023. I accept that some CCR-related software categories, for example, some information security tools, can be made on their own account. The same next generation firewall (NGFW) – there are competitive offers on the market, there are developer companies that are ready to invest in the topic and have resources. But as for development tools, compilers, programming languages, who will? ISP RAS or Voskhod Research Institute? From what I understand, they don’t get paid for it. But such developments cannot be launched according to the market model, since they have no market. We need state investments and state will.

It is not even that there is no support, there is no certainty. It is not clear what will happen to the CCR. It seems that they selected certain subcategories, distributed them to some people, and what happens next is completely incomprehensible and if something is happening. In general, creating something without money and without a plan is unrealistic, in my opinion. And if the ICC is clearly committed to the development of its industries, because it is important to them, then the CCR turned out to be ownerless.

… on the legalization of foreign software

We do not support legalizing the use of foreign products. We believe that this is the legalization of piracy. A blow to yours too. Because, de facto, this is the legalization of stolen goods.

First, theft itself is not good. Many national companies operate in foreign markets. And they can be sued there. Second, legitimizing the use of foreigners will not motivate domestic companies to switch to domestic ones. So that? When there are imported and free. If you charge for foreign software, as the Ministry of Digital Development suggests, then many other questions arise: how will this software be purchased, at what prices, how and with whom to negotiate. What to focus on? About the prices in the American market? Why suddenly?

If I, as a consumer, pay money for foreign software, I would like to have at least some guarantee that this software will work. Previously, if we bought Microsoft products and found some problems, we would write to Microsoft support department. At least, she replied. And now to whom should we write? But the main problem is that customers have no motivation to buy Russian software, operating systems and office suites. If piracy is legalized for a year, two, three, then all import substitution is over.

Read the full interview in the article “Natalia Kasperskaya: Leaks of personal data cannot be investigated within the framework of administrative cases” on RG.ru

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