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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Natalya Kravchenko: “Pursuing talents and helping children develop their potential”

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 06:33:36

Chairman of the commission for the development of educational activities and preschool, secondary, vocational and educational education of the Russian Civic Chamber, director for the strategic development of the circular movement of the ANO Platform “National Technological Initiative” Natalia Kravchenko.

Photo: Andrei Minaev

Great efforts are being made in the country for this. The chairman of the commission for the development of preschool, secondary, vocational education and educational activities of the Civic Chamber told some of them at the open studio of the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group at the First Congress of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth . from Russia, the director for the strategic development of the circular movement of the national technological initiative ANO “Platform” Natalya Kravchenko.


– Natalia, you are the head of the education commission in the Public Chamber. What social initiatives in education is important for every young person in our country to know?

– The Public Chamber is a public authority that facilitates interaction between society and decision makers. On the website of the Public Chamber, in general, many initiatives arise both from adults and from those who can be called children or young people. Their number is constantly replenished. There are a large number of initiatives related to ecology and educational activities. To keep up with the projects, use the Telegram channel and the Public Chamber website, which are constantly updated.

But I would also highlight a very important area where the boys of the Russian Children and Youth Movement (RDDM – “KP”) could meet. It’s a big presidential program to reform schools. There is a corresponding instruction where it is necessary to take into account the opinion of all participants in the educational process, primarily children (students), parents and teachers. It seems to me that here the guys from the RDDM (we’ll see what this movement will be called today) could help adults organize the process of collecting ideas, initiatives, everything that will help make the school more modern, better, using the opportunities of this program, where large funds have been allocated until 2024. It is planned to renovate 7,300 schools. And this, it seems, is not the end of the program, it will continue.

– For young people and even for middle-aged people, it has recently become fashionable to have mentors. I would like to know your opinion. First, do you have a mentor? And second, how do you feel about this story in general?

– Fine! It seems to me that a mentor is the person who helps you in a certain area to quickly increase your competence or achieve success. For example, I have no experience in running a business, and if I want to organize some kind of business project, then I will definitely look for a mentor in this area. I have several mentors in various fields. It is impossible to be good at everything. There are people who tell me in the direction of my social activities, there are people who support me on the path of self-development. I can call my husband my mentor. He, too, is quite a successful person, and in the direction in which I am developing today, he is one of the leading experts in Russia.

I have had mentors throughout my life. I was lucky to be one of the organizers of the Mentor forum, which took place several years ago, and then I directed a track more related to entrepreneurship, with such a mentor in professional work. Therefore, the topic is very close to me, I think it should be developed. You should share your experience, and you should apply for this experience to those who can help you with this.


– Natalia, you are also one of the founders of the circular movement of the National Technology Olympiad. What opportunities do those who link their future with technology have?

– I would prefer to call myself a member of the team that develops the circular movement. Today, when we have the most acute task of technological sovereignty in the country, the boys who decide to connect their lives with new technologies have enormous opportunities to fulfill themselves in this field. This is comparable, perhaps, with the time when circles just emerged 100 years ago. By circles we mean a community or organization, an association of children and adults of people who are inspired by some idea. For example, manned space flights. The circle, which was organized by Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, marked the beginning of the development of both aviation and astronautics. Thanks to the activities of the then young (and Sergei Korolev was just over 20 years old), Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin flew into space …

Today we face the same challenge. Technologies are developing very quickly, they permeate all spheres of our life, and we also use modern technologies. I think today it’s great to be engineers, technological entrepreneurs. This is the space where you can maximize your potential.

-What opportunities do you think open up for the winners of the National Technological Olympiad?

– It was conceived as a key social elevator for tech-oriented youth, and I see it becoming one. First of all, the guys who are just starting to cook at the Olympics get into the circle of people who really want to change the world through technology, by creating new products and solutions. That is, they fall into a community of like-minded people. And it’s great!

Secondly, the Olympic Games are supported by many technology companies that are at the forefront of new developments today. This is an opportunity today with those adults who are really involved in technological development to interact and solve real problems. I think it’s great to be a schoolboy to be able to work on real projects, that’s very valuable. Well, in addition to the high school students who are already participating in the track for boys of grades 9-11, the winners, the laureates have a real chance to enter without exams or with significant preferences in the best technological and engineering universities.

We also see that these boys become members of youth design bureaus. Actually, these are the teams and those unique young people whom we are ready to accompany for a long time, and we, our partners, universities and technology companies. It’s great to get into this funnel. Also, it seems to me that they will definitely lead you to the right place or to the right mix of adults, which will lead to the right start of a career and its rapid development.


– Today, the thesis “The Motherland needs wings” is being heard more and more, which implies the development of not only flight technology, but also modern technologies in general. How to support those who will create these “wings”?

– We are working together with the corresponding ministries and legislators so that these boys really have the opportunity to give wings to their country. In fact, today we need both technological advancement and sovereignty and personal sovereignty. We see how the state has created the conditions for, for example, many talented young people to enter the IT industry. We believe that it is necessary for the boys -engineers who know how to work with iron- to generate similar conditions – and effective demand, and involve them in bright, promising projects, so that the boys see that the country needs them today, that there are very interesting tasks. , which needs to be included. In addition, of course, we would very much like engineers to have the opportunity to meet their urgent needs, mortgages were available in the same way as computer specialists, to broaden the range of such opportunities for young people so that they can develop professionally and at the same time. Same time. at the same time receive a decent standard of living. The guys want to live beautifully today, they want to move very quickly. And it seems to me that this is normal. We need to create these conditions, help the boys, not get distracted by getting bread, not fool ourselves, trying to meet our basic needs, but still look for talents and help the boys realize their potential. I think this is our key task.

– At the beginning of the interview you mentioned the Dream School program, tell us more about it…

– The task is not only to repair the schools so that the windows do not fly, but to modernize the space of the old walls and meet the current needs of the people who work and study there. The educational process is changing. But it so happened that when this program was assembled, not much attention was paid to the design of the environment. We are now trying to complete this project together with the relevant ministries. We see that there is enormous potential in creative young people studying architecture and design today. We would very much like to combine the talent of young people who are dedicated to this area and the schools that today have a great need for these skills.

I think there will be a competition. Perhaps young professionals who already have experience but have never worked with school spaces will respond to this call. For our part, with the support of the Knowledge Society, with the support of educational centers “Mashuk”, “Senezh”, we will attract bright experts in the field of creating modern spaces, to work with these young people as mentors . , help them quickly acquire those skills, which the guys, perhaps, did not receive at the university. Because it has its own specifications: to work with residential spaces or public spaces, such as schools or clinics. It seems to me that thanks to the program, after all, we will be able to restart school spaces, and there will not be such a big gap between new schools and schools that were built many years ago, maybe 40 years ago (and there are even older! !).

It seems to me that it is very important here to involve young people in solving this important task. They will be able to grow up here as specialists, and schools will have a new look at the old walls.

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