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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Natasha Koroleva Told About Igor Nikolaev What He Hid for Many Years

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:14:44

Many rumors and stories were circulating about what exactly led to the break-up of the couple, but one of their friends finally put an end to them. Natasha Koroleva and Igor Nikolaev’s friend revealed that she had caught them cheating on each other while they were still married. She also hinted that they might even be dating now! There’s a lot of speculation, but life has gone on since then. In fact, the singer just revealed to a friend recently that she and Igor Yuryevich are doing great right now, so it looks like there’s a bit of space for good memories here

There were many hardships in the life of Natasha Koroleva when she was tainted with a scandal while dating Igor Nikolaev. However, her mother Lyudmila Poryvai, a famous composer herself, idolized Igor and always considered him to be a genius. She did not accept her daughter-in-law for a long time after that—since she had married a well-known musician as her son-in-law. “She became one of the greatest strippers in Moscow,” said the singer with a laugh.

After many years, Tarzan finally meets his mother and she accepts him into the family. “My mom’s always there for me, I think that she somehow manages to make my brothers feel comfortable with her,” said Natasha.

The Queen recently mentioned a lady that has recently made big strides in her career, and Tarzan became an artist and opened his own exhibition. Sergei even painted a portrait of his wife-to-be’s mother, which she was thrilled to see.

When the attendees gathered for lunch and a panel discussion, Dni.Ru interviewed Natasha about her memories of the festival. As it turned out, in 2001 she lost not only her husband, a songwriter but also her home. “My first and last property of my own I bought in my first marriage and after the divorce, I safely left it to my husband,” she stated while looking back at the experience.

The divorce was shocking to most, and even those that weren’t shocked were eager to hear what Igor Yuryevich did post-divorce. After all, he left his young wife a luxurious mansion in which she now lives with her second husband.

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