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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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NATO is “about to explode”, and the United States risks repeating the fate of the Soviet Union: Who is to blame for the division of the West?

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 21:29:14

A French soldier near the tank destroyer Caesar during a NATO exercise in Estonia.


The world is radically changing, this is obvious to everyone, both those who want these changes and those who are trying by all means to prevent them in order to maintain their secular hegemony. Russia has challenged the US-centric world order, and today one of the main questions is who is ready to support it, who can be called our true allies. Kirill Koktysh, Doctor of Political Science, Professor of the Department of Political Theories of MGIMO, spoke about this on Radio KP.

“You can talk about an alliance if there are some common ideologies, values, goals,” the expert believes. – Today it is not clearly articulated. At the state level, we have outlined traditional values, the desire for stability. And as an objective: the rejection of the unipolar world in the American way. The goal is still negative. The next question is: what do we want to build and how? When we determine this, it will be possible to say that we have allies here, interested people here, and fellow travelers here.

Today we can talk about the coincidence of interests and goals, explained Kirill Koktysh. Among those who are dissatisfied with US hegemony and the essentially colonial world of today are China, India, Brazil, and most African countries. In this sense, it is not at all difficult to find a coincidence of interests. But if you build a non-Western world, with other principles, then this is a difficult job. Allied relations, in general, begin with a deep study at the level of the world image, values, understanding not only one’s “desires”, but also capabilities, potentials, interests, and the very understanding deep and accurate analysis of the aspirations and capabilities of those countries that they would like to see as allies.

To build an alternative bloc, Kirill Koktysh emphasized, it is necessary to build separate financial and politico-military circuits, independent of the United States and not controlled by it. In this sense, the SCO, for example, can become a full-fledged bloc, because it already unites, in fact, 4 nuclear powers that can take responsibility for the security of most of the Eurasian continent. And here the question is not to move too fast, but also not to be late for anything.

Doctor of Political Science, Professor of the Department of Political Theories of MGIMO Kirill Koktysh.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

Of course, one must not lose sight of the fact that a Western alliance is being built in parallel, whose purpose is to maintain control of the world at all costs, in order to preserve its essentially neocolonial character.

The West’s alliance, according to Koktysh, is based on rather simple patterns, which are now slowly beginning to crack. What are its basic principles? NATO is so, they say, a powerful organization that no one will ever attack you if you are in an alliance, it guarantees your security. For the moment it was. But when NATO is its duty to pay and risk, even for those reasons that it does not consider relevant, a question immediately arises: why is this necessary and to what extent, for example, does NATO realize the interests of its shareholders, and to what extent the interests of the Biden family, for example, in hiding their corruption schemes?

Therefore, as soon as difficult questions arise, a huge number of nuances arise, many have a desire to “jump”. And today we are seeing that in order to prevent any of the allies from moving the boat, we need to more actively use a tool called a whip, we need to tighten the screws even more, which causes even more dissatisfaction. In this regard, Kirill Koktysh believes, we can see that the United States risks repeating the fate of the Soviet Union, where they tried to tighten the screws, not realizing that it was necessary to correct a number of other mechanisms. As we know, then the thread was simply torn off. It is very possible that we will see the same mistakes repeated with the Western world. In history, all this is not the first and not the last time.

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