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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Nazook and black salt: how to find regional products in Moscow KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 00:26:33

In fact, nazuk is a simple Armenian puff pastry flavored with butter and saffron. Why is it almost impossible to find it in the capital? “Nazuki is not baked not only in Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg,” Saratov residents share on social networks at community forums. “Probably, the density of the Armenian population in large cities is less than on the Volga” And in the same Saratov, residents liked science so much that they even got into the assortment of a large bakery… However, you can still find these buns in the capital if you constantly monitor the websites of large markets: however, connoisseurs might want to stock up on science for future use as they are found in a maximum of one or two stores in town.. You can try ordering this product over the internet but the appearance and taste will surprise fans of science the authentic products.Nazuk restaurant costs five times more (and more expensive!) than store bought, plus it is served with garnishes.If you often look at hypermarket apps, you can buy ar a royal bun for 50 rubles.

Almost the same story as with science – with Kostroma black salt. This salt is really black, it is baked in an oven with various additives: rye flour, cabbage leaves and others. Fans appreciate it for the content of various useful substances: magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine … But in Moscow it can hardly be found in any hypermarket. There is demand, so online stores began to include the Kostroma product in their assortment. The surest way to find it is through the manufacturer’s website. True, you will have to immediately order a large batch for 3700 rubles, in which there are 90 boxes of 100 grams each.

Black salt, cucumber jam and nazuk – these delicacies, popular in the regions, are not easy to find in Moscow. Photo: Social networks

Little by little platforms are appearing in the capital, where you can find other regional products. For example, canned lingonberries, blackberries and other northern berries, southern fruits, fish from the Far East. Perhaps the most popular resource that we managed to find is moroshka.ru. But even there we did not see a Vladimir and Suzdal staple – cucumber jam. In local stores, a jar, even at a resort, will cost no more than 200 rubles. But considering the shipping cost, the price may increase significantly. It was possible to find cucumber jam (moreover, designer jam with the addition of mint and other ingredients) only through online stores. And even then it’s better to keep track of such a product, like the same science: cucumber dessert, an everyday dish for small towns in the north-west, is available to Muscovites much less often than the seemingly exotic tom yum.

Photo: russiantastes.ru

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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