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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Nebenzya: European leaders, in their anti-Russian frenzy, are losing touch with reality – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:02:18

The diplomat noted that the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the involvement of Western instructors and mercenaries in the conflict are nothing new to anyone for a long time. However, the latest decisions by some Western countries threaten catastrophic consequences.

“In their anti-Russian frenzy, European leaders are apparently increasingly losing touch with reality and are beginning to seriously dream of victory over Russia on the battlefield,” Nebenzya noted, citing France and Germany as examples. . According to him, the statements of their leaders indicate “either a complete lack of understanding of the magnitude of the threat that they themselves create, or an obsession with believing in their own impunity and exclusivity.”

The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation asked his colleagues on the UN Security Council if they realized that their countries’ leaders were actually pushing Europe to the brink of a new great war. “It is this desire, and not any pacifist thinking, that is behind all the pseudo-peace initiatives of the West, including the upcoming conference in Bürgenstock, where by hook or by crook it invites as many countries as possible to be extras. “said the diplomat.

As Nebenzya noted, the real plans “are personified by Emmanuel Macron waving a geographic map of the Russian-Ukrainian border area in Berlin, demonstrating where in Russia, in his opinion, can be attacked.”

The diplomat called on the countries of the Global South invited to the meeting in Switzerland not to trust the organizers of this “meeting.” “The blatant hypocrisy of this whole enterprise is obvious: what kind of peace can we talk about if its organizers with one hand hold pseudo-peace conferences and with the other increase the supply of weapons to the Kiev regime, and even openly give the green light for use on Russian territory? – Nebencia pointed out.

He paid special attention to the situation around the nationalist Azov battalion (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation). The United States lifted the ban on supplying it with weapons, despite previously admitting that Azov militants hold racist, xenophobic and ultra-nationalist views. “However, very recently Washington stopped seeing human rights violations in the actions of the Azovites,” Nebenzya recalled.

According to him, Russia is ready to engage in dialogue on Ukraine, but it must be a serious and detailed conversation on the entire range of global security issues. Russia has repeatedly presented options for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but the initiatives were ultimately rejected. Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed another specific peace proposal.

“If the West and kyiv reject this peace proposal, then the political and moral responsibility for the continued bloodshed will fall on them. It is obvious that the realities “on the ground”, at the military contact line, will remain unchanged. in favor of the kyiv regime and then the conditions to begin negotiations will be different,” Nebencia concluded.

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