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New part-time jobs for stars: Dibrov entertains tourists in Namibia and Urgant takes Russians around Uzbekistan

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 16:01:35

Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina and children travels through Namibia. Photo: social networks.

At the beginning of May, many singers, actors and TV presenters traditionally went on vacation. Luxury hotels, exotic resorts, business class flights are expensive and drain your pockets. No wonder the media was full of headlines: “Celebrities spent millions of rubles on the May holidays.” But there are some among the star brothers who manage to not only travel in style, but also earn a lot of money. It is true that during the holidays they have to work a little, but these efforts are paid with interest.


Dmitry Dibrov recently lost his main source of income: with the permanent host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? he did not renew the contract. The young wife of the showman Polina Dibrova, 63, complained on social networks: what to live on now? The single house on Rublyovka requires huge expenses! And then she announced that they were going to Africa with the whole family for the May holidays. And not to banal Egypt, but to distant Namibia.

This address among travelers is considered quite expensive. Only air tickets from Moscow to the capital of the African state Windhoek cost from 100 thousand rubles per person (and this is in a modest economy class, which is unlikely to suit the Dibrov family). The main expense is paying for the safari, that’s why people come here. For the opportunity to observe lions and antelopes in their natural environment, wealthy tourists pay 10-15 thousand dollars (765 thousand – 1 million 140 thousand rubles) per person for a trip to the reserves. The trip lasts on average from a week to 12 days. The price includes accommodation in five-star hotels, transfers, meals in restaurants and pleasant surprises such as a sunrise picnic in the Sahara desert or a small plane flight over the Skeleton Coast.

The Dibrov family went to Namibia in full force, together with their sons Alexander, Fedor and Ilya. The amount of expenses for five people is quite large. It would seem that an expensive vacation is not the most logical solution for a pensioner who has lost his job. If it were not for one “but”: the Dibrovs went to Africa not as ordinary tourists, but as “invited experts.” That is, star entertainers. As Polina reported on social networks, a small group of travelers flew to Namibia with them – only 25 people. The duties of the Dibrovs include communication with wealthy tourists – joint walks, entertainment and, of course, photographing against the background of attractions. While Polina and the female part of the group empty the souvenir shops, Dmitry and the men go fishing in the ocean. In the evening, dance by the fire, tug of war and barbecue. A kind of corporate party on the road, to which the stars, in fact, are no strangers. In addition, sincere conversations, practically personal growth training: Polina shares the secrets of family happiness with the tour participants, and Dmitry tells how he became a successful TV presenter.

Former host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? he went on tour as a “guest expert”. Photo: social networks.

The star family trip in Namibia will last for 9 days, from May 3 to 12. As a result, the Dibrovs will not only get five free breaks, but also receive a fee. The trip is organized by a company specializing in tours for wealthy businessmen. The highlight of all trips are the “guest experts”. From the sphere of show business, in addition to the Dibrovs, actress Nonna Grishaeva has already made such a journey. Coupons are offered not only to other countries, but also to Russia: Kamchatka, Chechnya, Elbrus, Karelia.

According to the owners of the company, the cost of the trip usually ranges from 5 to 10 thousand dollars (380 – 765 thousand rubles) per person, not including the price of air tickets to the destination. If the budget allows, the expert’s family members are also invited to the trip. These expenses and the star fee are included in the total cost of the trip, that is, they are paid by the rest of the trip participants.

In the evening – dancing: Polina and Dmitry help animators to entertain tourists. Photo: social networks.


As a celebrity guide, another TV presenter spends the May holidays without broadcasts on federal channels: Elena Letuchaya. The Revizorro star and her husband Yuri Anashenkov are exploring the beauties of Iceland. The couple, along with a large group of Russian tourists, took a cruise around the island on an expedition ship designed for 114 passengers. On the ship: comfortable cabins, a restaurant, a gym, a library. Every day – a stop in some picturesque place and sightseeing – waterfalls, volcano craters, whale watching, a walk through the valley of geysers.

Lena Flying in the company of hundreds of tourists visiting Iceland. Photo: social networks.

The price of a ten-day cruise depends on the level of the cabin: from 450 thousand rubles (for accommodation in a triple room) to 1 million rubles (for a suite with a private terrace) per person. Flying and her husband occupy a premium cabin worth 832 thousand rubles each. In total, the spouses saved almost 1 million 700 thousand rubles on this trip. Air tickets to Reykjavik (not included in the tour price) were also paid for by the cruise organizers, adding a fee for participating in the trip.

Iceland is a small country, you will definitely meet compatriots during excursions. Near the Dettifoss waterfall, Russian tourists saw Letuchaya and her group disembark from three large buses. Almost a hundred people in red jackets with the logo of the travel agency moved to admire the European Niagara. While the rest of the cruise participants, having folded their lips with a “duck”, took a selfie against the backdrop of a waterfall, Lena wrapped herself in a down jacket and hid from the cold wind under it. The hood. The television presenter was accompanied by a photographer and a cameraman with a video camera -they make content for social networks-. On this trip, Flying is not so much entertaining guests as being responsible for public relations. The television presenter describes each step she takes on social networks and surely mentions the name of the travel agency.

The host of the Revizorro program went to Reykjavik with her husband Yuri Anashenkov. Photo: social networks.


In Russia, several companies at once specialize in tours with celebrities. The scheme of their organization is approximately the same: long before the start of the trip (six months or even a year), they begin to advertise the trip on the travel agency’s website and in social networks. Special emphasis is placed on the opportunity to freely communicate with the guest star, as well as the exclusivity of the tour. Such tours are designed for wealthy tourists who have already traveled a lot around the world and are a little fed up with impressions. And here is a new experience: traveling in the company of a celebrity, there is something to brag about on social networks. In addition, the travel program includes master classes and trainings from an invited expert (not necessarily from show business stars – politicians, well-known businessmen and public figures, such as Irina Khakamada, go on such trips). The price of the tour usually includes hotel accommodation, excursions and transfers throughout the country. All additional costs (air tickets, meals, visas, insurance) are paid separately. According to the organizers of such trips, the cost of a guest star and guide salaries average 20-30% of the cost of the tour.

For stars, participation in such an event is two in one: an opportunity to save on vacation and at the same time earn money. The fees that celebrities receive are kept in the strictest confidence. But it’s easy to know how much a vacation in the company of a celebrity costs. One of the travel agencies, for example, offers to go to Kamchatka in June with the singer Sergei Trofimov. A six-day trip in the company of the artist will cost 420 thousand rubles per person. The tour program includes volcanoes, the ocean and a crab feast, whose guests are sure to hear Trofim’s enduring hit about how delicious “cognac barbecue” is.

Andrey Urgant brought tourists to Uzbekistan, and in the summer he will go to Italy. Photo: kluchi-kluchi.ru

The same firm organizes trips in the company of actor Andrey Urgant. While his son Ivan Urgant sits without work, 66-year-old Andrey Lvovich works tirelessly. He plays in the theater, starred in TV shows and still finds time to travel. In February, he took a group of tourists to Uzbekistan, showing them the oriental exoticism of Samarkand and Bukhara. And in August he will go on a new tour: “Italy with Urgant”. The artist will show his participants the favorite cities of famous directors, from Bernardo Bertolucci to Frederico Fellini, and will also present the history of Italian cinema. The cost of the trip is 5500 euros per person (470 thousand rubles).

And finally, the icing on the cake is the chance to explore Cape Town with Andrey Malakhov. The dates of the trip in the company of the TV presenter are still open (apparently, they do not coincide with the showman’s work schedule). But its cost is already known – 690 thousand rubles. During the trip, the former leader of the “Let them talk” program will show himself from an unexpected side: Andrey will acquaint the tour participants with fine art, in particular contemporary art. On the travel agency’s website, Malakhov presents himself as a collector and patron of the arts, having founded the Shining art center in his native Apatity. Despite the open travel dates, four seats have already been reserved in a group of 12.

The dates of the trip with Andrey Malakhov are not yet known, but several people have already bought this tour. Photo: kluchi-kluchi.ru


One of the pioneers of this business can be considered the journalist Mikhail Kozhukhov. The host of the popular show Around the World in 2013 founded Travel Club, a travel company that specializes in royalty trips around the world with famous musicians, artists, and writers. And, of course, with Mikhail Kozhukhov himself.

The company organizes tours for all tastes. In June, for example, it is proposed to see Vyborg, Nizhny Novgorod or Vologda in the company of an expert from the program “Take it off right away!” Tashi strict. The price of the issue is 130 thousand rubles per person. Even cheaper is to go to Yekaterinburg with the TV presenter Svetlana Sorokina – the tour costs 98 thousand rubles.

Schengen visa holders can shell out nearly 6,000 euros (half a million rubles) and greet France in the company of Alex Dubas, a host for the Silver Rain radio station. After getting acquainted with the beauties of Normandy, the tour participants will take a trip to Paris and have breakfast in a restaurant with Renata Litvinova (yes, the artists who have gone also need to live on something).

“In the evening of the next day, we are invited to his performance “Cactus”, promise the organizers of the trip.

The participants of this tour will have breakfast with Renata Litvinova. Photo: mktravelclub.ru

Mikhail Kozhukhov himself plans to take tourists to Kyrgyzstan in July and guide them along the Silk Road. The cost of the tour is $3,500 per participant (270,000 rubles), and almost all seats in a group of 11 people have already been sold out.

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