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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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New tactics of Russia, a serious strengthening of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the truth about the battles at the front: answers to uncomfortable questions about the special operation

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 16:31:59

In the line of supplies to Ukraine of Western equipment, it is not the tanks that should be most alarming, but the amount of artillery.



YouGov, a think tank close to the British government, published a poll “What do you think about the fact that the UK could supply fighter jets to Ukraine?” Such a poll of public opinion. And, judging by the responses, most of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion do not see anything wrong with these deliveries: a quarter of the population does not care at all, 50 percent support the transfer of planes to Kyiv or not. cares .

We have been following the play “On Difficult US-German Relations” for the whole of the past week. They acted out the battle of the titans: “You first, let’s go tanks!” – “Not you!”. In fact, this is a home piece, performed for a large audience. Everything was predetermined from the beginning. And all these deliveries are formed according to the offensive plan in the spring-summer Ukrainian campaign. It is compiled, of course, not in Kyiv.


In my opinion, along the lines of deliveries of Western equipment to Ukraine, it is not the tanks that should be most alarming, but the number of artillery. This is a complete artillery corps: three brigades:

– Self-propelled installations “Paladin” – an excellent weapon,

– “Archer” is a little worse, but also serious,

– AS-30, “Caesar”, which has already proven itself in battles.

The tanks probably add flavor to all of these installments.

What is known at this time? It is absolutely right now:

– The United States will supply 31 Abrams to Ukraine,

– Germany promises 14 Leopards.

– Great Britain – 14 “Challenger-2”

– Poland says it wants to supply 14 Leopards.

Plus goes, but has not yet decided when to send, Portugal – 4 pieces, the Netherlands some amount, Norway – up to 8, Finland, Denmark.

It was announced that the first batch of “Leopards” will arrive in Ukraine in 3 months. But most likely, these deadlines will be reduced.

Such an international, which is going to clench a tank fist in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe line of contact.

It is announced that the first batch of “Leopards” will arrive in Ukraine in 3 months.



Let’s proceed from the fact that we removed all Soviet equipment from Ukraine. She is experiencing shell hunger. We solve these problems through our military industry. But Kyiv does not have such an opportunity, so they are forced to switch to “donations” from the West. But dependence on a NATO manufacturer can prove fatal at some point. However, the scale of deliveries cannot fail to tighten. What to do with them?

The simplest answer is to attack even behind enemy lines until they cross the Dnieper and cut the bridges connecting the two banks. But, as the past 11 months have shown, the enemy is not experiencing any particular logistical problems as a result of our attacks.

Yes, and all the deliveries from the last time are more or less secret by civilian transport, trucks.

What should be done to tear down these bridges? This can be done, for example, through strategic aviation. What needs to be done to make strategic aviation work over Ukraine? It is necessary to suppress the means of air defense.


But you need to calculate the chance of them still reaching the nip. And how we will find them there is also very important.

In the Persian Gulf during the 1990-1991 war, 23 Abrams were destroyed. During the first two years of the Iraq war from 2003 to 2011, more than 100 vehicles were disabled. The Houthis destroyed about 45 of the Saudis’ Abrams.

The Abrams are not a prodigy that will provide Ukraine with a bloodless advance through the territories controlled by the Russian army. But it’s also impossible to patronize these deliveries. It’s still a serious, high-tech weapon. Sooner or later we will have to face them. As with a lot of new artillery.

And this means that we need to improve counter-battery combat in two months. This is, of course, a difficult task. It is impossible to transfer already trained artillerymen and anti-tank divisions to the infantry. After all, it is they who will have to burn American, British, German and other equipment in 2-3 months. And we simply will have nowhere to get them.

“Abrams” – serious and high-tech weapons



Now we have imposed our initiative on the enemy. We have several points at once where he is completely uncomfortable.

First of all, this is Zaporozhye. There are interesting events at this time in the Orekhovo region. The enemy is forced to transfer reserves there, including, by the way, from the Donetsk direction. And at the moment, taking advantage of this, an offensive is being carried out in the South-Donetsk direction – Ugledar. We have already caught the first houses, almost all the roads have been cut to supply it. Of the relatively safe, only one remained – the road to Kurakhovo. But it is also under the control of our artillery fire, because we control most of the Maryinka and from there we can see the supply routes. An operation is underway to capture Artemovsk, the largest enemy defense center. To the north, the fighting continues in the direction of Seversk.

Ukrainian troops do not have the ability to concentrate large forces in any direction. They are forced to send “fire brigades” here and there. This is probably the same preparation for which castling was carried out in command of the special military operation. I think that it was the former commander Sergei Surovikin who carried out the preparatory measures, after which he handed over the reins of government to the Chief of the General Staff General Gerasimov, who is now responsible for everything – both successes and defeats, whether the there are.

But, perhaps, this is the very expansion of the format of the special operation, together with the supply of tanks, which the Ministry of Defense told us about when it explained the reorganization in command.


Yes, in the course of this conflict, problems in our military machine were also revealed. But it’s good that we know about them now. Someone says that “Supreme Commander probably doesn’t have the whole picture.” Yes, and I know for sure. People who are not young, but who have lived in our country for a long time, know perfectly well that it is useless to wait for sharp personnel decisions from Vladimir Vladimirovich. And in general the expected decisions. Someone can and would like flying heads and broken shoulder straps. But this is not the way of our president.

We have a list of what’s missing. Understand where what is needed is needed, too. It is necessary to see how the industry and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense will deal with this.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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