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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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New Year’s wish list of sisters Alina and Lily Grigalashvili

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 16:57:53

A letter to Santa Claus is a genre whose importance cannot be underestimated. What you ask for is what you get, we’re sure, which is why we demand our favorite BURO heroes and friends. send your New Years wish list. Today, the Grigalashvili sisters share their wish list: the eldest, Alina, runs our favorite fashion Telegram channel, and the youngest, Lily, makes wonderful jewelry under the Lili Archive brand. May all girls come true!

Fall in love with the resin and metal earrings from the Miu Miu autumn/winter collection. This is a brand collaboration with two Swedish artists, Natalie Jurberg and Hans Berg. Very bright and playful, just the way I like it.

Lately I have been wearing knitted things more often. I like decorative vests and now I have a special one on my wish list, from the Ukrainian fashionista Irina Lapko. She hand knits incredibly beautiful embellished sweaters, socks, vests from 100% Scottish wool.

She couldn’t miss the new Walk of Shame collection, which featured a lavish skirt with mirrored details. I hope it comes out soon so I can wear it to the prom.

A week ago, I looked around the corner of Tsum Collect again and found the jacket of my dreams there: a black Saint Laurent with multicolored heart-shaped buttons, which now hold a special place in my heart.

Horn headphones from the Ukrainian brand Bevza occupy the same place. I love hats and accessories, and these headphones are incredibly beautiful. In addition, they are made entirely of recycled materials.

I would like to tell you about the new and sincere brand “Say hello to mom!”. Its founder Yulia knits bright mittens and berets. By purchasing these products, she is helping pay for tuition for her son, Yegor, who has been diagnosed with autism. I have already ordered a beret and I advise you to also add something to your wish list.

Recently, the cutest Prada bag from the resort 2012 collection with bright red flowers accidentally caught my eye. It was discovered on the @vintagesowhat account and I still can’t get it out of my head. Especially since this year I fell in love with floral prints. And files are even more valuable!

In the Rehabshop on Bolshoi Kozikhinsky came across a cool New York brand Sea NY with ethnic motifs. Now +1 on my wish list for a chic cream colored sweater with lace details on the sleeves.

I want a second year. Dark brown, long, with an English collar and an impeccable milky lining. I want to iron a huge Nereja label inside a fur coat and every day I mentally thank Sveta Vashenyak for the brilliant project that she came up with and implemented. Maybe at least next year I’ll save up for this mink beauty…

Lily told me that Vita Kin, a Ukrainian designer whose style drives us both crazy, not only has clothes, but shoes as well. For some reason, this fact eluded me before, but now I really want her grandmother with bright red flowers. It’s also cool that they have sizes S, M and L-if I’m not mistaken, real grandmothers have the same. Somehow I brought them from Morocco, but I never wore them. With Vita Kin, this definitely won’t happen!

Georgian brand Chubika only has crazy silver bracelets, like Elsa Peretti is Georgian and punk. I really want this bracelet, and preferably two, to wear together.

On my channel, I told the story of a butterfly boy who knits elegant, bright and voluminous scarves. I really want to order one for me, my mom and Lily, to support this wonderful family and buy an accessory that also looks fashionable.

I would wear it relaxed and casual, with jeans, an oversized coat, and some fun shoes. I really like the design of this bag: I look for my perfect color in Oskelly.

After the erratic purchases of the last few weeks, I resumed a commercial austerity. Asceticism is the voluntary imposition of discomfort on oneself, and I feel this discomfort very strongly right at the moment of writing the wish list. Because I found Miu Miu spring-summer 2017 sneakers in red at the resale and I’m already googling “What will happen if you violate austerity”. It seems like the first time the universe has forgiven, so if I’m still a wimp, I’ll soon have these slippers. And I’m not ashamed.

I recently bought my first antique diamond, a 1988 Yves Saint Laurent jacket, from Pearls & Cashmere, a Tbilisi archival treasure. Two things caught my attention: 1) that it turned out to be my size (I didn’t think that one day I would fit YSL with my L/XL, vintage though); 2) how beautifully cut and preserved. Now I want another one, from the fall-winter 1977 collection. A jacket one year younger than my dad and three years older than my mom. But due to the aforementioned austerity, I have yet to ask the founder of Pearls & Cashmere what size it is. Because if I get a message: “It suits you,” I will go to him and immediately buy.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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