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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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New York state governor legalized people composting after death KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 06:49:11

Decedent’s remains must be delivered to a cemetery corporation certified as an organic processing facility, properly insulated and ventilated, and free of “batteries, battery packs, batteries, radioactive implants, or radioactive devices.” In most cases, the deceased is placed in a reusable semi-open container with a suitable bedding – wood shavings, alfalfa or straw – ideal for the microbes to do their work. At the end of the process, one cubic yard (about 0.8 cubic meters) of nutrient-rich soil is produced, equivalent to 36 bags of soil, which can then be used as fertilizer.

Hochul found himself in a political quandary over this. She has repeatedly positioned herself as a “devout Irish American” and has often spoken about how her Irish Catholic roots influenced her political views. The New York State Catholic Conference called on church supporters to pressure Hochul to veto the bill. The organization argued that the process “does not give due respect to human remains,” according to the Catholic Courier. “A process that is ideal for returning plant debris to the soil is not necessarily suitable for the human body,” said Dennis Post, the organization’s executive director. On the other hand, a certain “Order of the Good Death” urged the governor to put his signature on the bill and offered a series of colored decorative postcards with the words “Beat me” and “I want to be a tree” to be sent to the governor. Terrace advocates say the process is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, transforming the body in six to eight weeks.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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