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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Night battle in the sky of kyiv: how the Russian “dagger” managed to outwit the American “patriot”

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 08:19:25

On the night of May 16, the sky over kyiv was cut by rocket flashes.


On the night of May 16, the sky over kyiv was cut by rocket flashes. The Patriot air defense system was in operation, which the United States delivered to Ukraine with a large house this year. And that, as advertised by the Americans, he is practically omnipotent and invincible. But here’s the problem. Very soon, the flashes in the sky over kyiv turned into explosions on the ground.

And the Russian Defense Ministry announced in the morning that the Patriot had been hit by a Kinzhal missile.

The questions, how it was, are answered by the reserve colonel, the military observer of “KP” Viktor Baranets.

– What were the goals of our strike near kyiv?

– The main target was the US Patriot anti-aircraft missile system itself. As well as some military-industrial installations and command posts, ammunition depots and fuel bases.

– How did the Ukrainian air defense system work?

– The main thing is that the “Patriot” could not shoot down our “Dagger”, which ultimately destroyed the American battery. As for our other means of attack, the Ukrainian air defense system managed to shoot down only about 10% of our Kalibr missiles and Geran drones. 90% of them reached the goal.

– How many Patriot facilities were there around kyiv? How many are affected?

– So far, there is information that the sky over kyiv was covered by 1 Patriot battery with 16 missiles. Other batteries are only put into combat by the Americans. It is expected that there will be at least 4 batteries of this type.

– How many “Daggers” did we need to destroy the “Patriot” battery?

– He took a “Dagger”. The vehicles and auxiliary units included in the American battery finished off the Caliber.

– How did we manage to outwit American technology?

– This tactic was “suggested” to us by the Americans themselves. Ahead of us were our Geranium drones. They were detected by American radars and thus gave away their positions. Then came anti-radar missiles that destroyed enemy radars. And after that, Caliber and Dagger flew over the already blind Patriot and other objects.

– Is kyiv’s air defense completely disabled?

– No. Only one Patriot battery was completely disabled. Three more are on the way.

– Is the game worth it? What is more expensive: “Patriot” or our “Dagger”?

– About the cost of the “Dagger”: there is information that it can cost from 30 to 70 million rubles, depending on the modification. But a Patriot missile is estimated at around $4 million, 4-8 times more expensive than our hypersonic ammunition. And the Ukrainians (or Americans?) fired from 16 to 30 missiles at the targets. Well, the destroyed Patriot battery costs anywhere from $0.5 to a billion; this also depends on your modification.

– The Russian Defense Ministry reported on the same day that our air defense systems also shot down 7 British Storm cruise missiles. Have we found an antidote to them, just as we adapted to take down American Hymars?

– Yes, our air defense specialists did not immediately manage to find an antidote to the British storm, which in recent days has been hitting Lugansk. As is the case with American Highmars. Now some days we shoot dozens of Hymars out of the sky. The same thing happened with Storm. We bombarded these 7 missiles with the help of Buk-3M, Tor, Pantsir-S and an electronic warfare system that “forced” foreign missiles away from the target.

By the way, Storm Shadow is a very expensive ammunition. The cost of 1 rocket – Storm $ 1.3 million.

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