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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Nikas Safronov fulfilled the dream of a 7-year-old boy who was beaten by a deputy in Tatarsk

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 21:28:32

On the eve of the Old New Year, Safronov paid for the flight and accommodation in the best hotel in the city for the Bogdan family.

Photo: personal archive

A terrible accident in Tatarsk, in which 6-year-old Bogdan was injured, occurred in November last year.

– Bogdan was walking around the yard, looking for his cat. And suddenly, right in the pedestrian zone, a car flew out and ran over the boy. Local deputy Sergei Mamontov (now the culprit of the accident is under house arrest, the court decides the future fate of him -Ed.) He ran out of the car, saw that a child was lying under the wheels, and fled from the scene of the accident. I went about my business calmly. He did not even call an ambulance to Bogdana. If this nightmare had not been caught on surveillance cameras, no one would have found out about the tragedy and its culprit, famous pianist Luka Zatravkin, son of artist Nikas Safronov, told KP.

Nikas Safronov was one of the first to financially help the victim’s family: he paid for the boy’s rehabilitation and invited Bogdan with his mother and sister to his house in Moscow.

On the eve of the Old New Year, Safronov paid for the flight and accommodation in the best hotel in the city for the Bogdan family.

Just like in the famous song by Ilya Reznik “I had three happy days.” Bogdan has never been to Moscow, it was his dream to walk around the capital.

– On the day of arrival, Nikas gave Bogdan’s family a car with a driver who took the boy around the city. Bogdan visited Red Square, went to GUM. And the next day, on his birthday, the boy was visiting Nikas. There he celebrated his seventh birthday, – the musician Luka Zatravkin, the son of Nikas Safronov, shares with KP.RU – By the way, on the same day, another gift awaited the boy: a performance in the Zapashny circus, where after the show, to Bogdan he was allowed to feed the elephants. At Nikas’ request, Edgard and Askold gave the boy an exclusive tour of the backstage of the circus. And the next day, the Safronov brothers and the 89th floor of the observation deck of the Moscow City complex were waiting for Bogdan at his magic show, where the boy visited the ice cream factory.

At one time, Nikas Safronov was one of the first to financially help the family of the injured boy.

Photo: personal archive

One of the separate and probably one of the most powerful impressions on Bogdan was an excursion to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Bogdan’s mother did not baptize her children, she wanted her son and her daughter to grow up and come to faith themselves. And on the day of the accident, Bogdan himself put on a cross, chose his own path. When Nikas found out about this story, he agreed with the director of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to organize an excursion to this beautiful and fertile place for the boy.

Nikas himself explains in a conversation with Komsomolskaya Pravda, they say, he understands Bogdan’s feelings, since he himself experienced a similar tragedy in his childhood.

– I was very touched by Bogdan’s story, because something similar happened to me when I was 3 years old, – Nikas Safronov told KP.RU. – I saw a trophy car and admired it. I tried to dodge it, it didn’t work, the man ran over me. The injuries were serious. I spent six months in the hospital. But my offender was not as shameless as that deputy. I remember that he came to my hospital to apologize with a bottle of kefir. Mom, in response, only quietly said: “Get out of here …” She did not sue him.

And therefore, understanding Bogdan’s feelings, it was important for me to support him. I sent money to her mother for treatment and invited the baby to Moscow so that the child could see that there are good people.

It seems to me that the guy was incredibly delighted with the trip: I received him in my house, we celebrated his birthday together. A wonderful culinary specialist Oleg Ilyin prepared a cake for Bogdan.

I gave the boy gifts: paintings, calendars, books, souvenirs. Then Bogdan saw a model of the ship in my house, he liked it, I gave it to him. He just wanted these good emotions to block out the negative ones: the accident, the hospital. And what a good family Bogdan has: mother, sister.

They brought me Siberian fat, butter, nuts. These people live very modestly, the children do not have a father, their mother brings them up alone. And this beautiful and kind woman is ready to share the latest. This is the beauty of the Russian soul, the artist notes.

Bogdan’s mother admitted in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda that her children did not even dream of visiting Moscow, in the house of the legendary artist.

– I don’t know how to find words of gratitude for Nikas, – says Svetlana, the mother of the wounded boy – I myself could not take the children to Moscow, show them the city. It’s just that there is no such financial opportunity. When Bogdan found out that he was going to Moscow, he jumped with happiness. The whole family was in a pleasant shock. Yes, I assumed that Nikas was a sincere person, but I saw that he was very kind and loving when we came to visit him. Bogdan’s eyes doubled in admiration. The son received such attention and kindness from the artist, whom the whole world knows.

After this trip, Bogdan forgot all the bad things related to the accident. The son did not receive so many positive emotions in the 7 years of his life, Bogdan’s mother thanked the artist.

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