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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Nikolai Fomenko took the stage of the musical “Don’t be afraid of anything, I’m with you”

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 04:34:48

Nikolai Fomenko and the musical actors. Photo: Press service of the Broadway Moscow theater company.

The reason for appearing on stage was very solid. That day the millionth spectator came to the musical.

Let us remember that the musical “Don’t be afraid of anything, I am with you”, which tells the romantic love story of Alice and Slavka, which takes place in Leningrad in the 80s, is based on the songs of the beat quartet. “Secret”. Production has been carried out almost daily for a year and a half. And every time the room sells out, and every time the audience starts singing along with the artists from the first song. “Leningrad Time”, “Ah, Alice!”, “Home!”, “Sitting on the Roof” – whatever the song is, it’s a hit!

Accordingly, the appearance of Nikolai Fomenko, one of the founders of The Secret, was arranged. He appeared in a scene on Leningrad TV. He said: they say, we are the “Secret” group, we are 20 years old, we want to appear on television… The room erupted in applause and shouts of joy. And the “producer” just chuckled: no one will remember you tomorrow! Maybe musicians have heard this in real life? But 40 years have passed since the band appeared and people know and sing their songs. Also, people of different generations.

– Emotions are running high! – Nikolai Fomenko shared. “Of course, we expected success, but no one expected this!” Of course, nothing would have happened if it weren’t for the dedicated daily work of the musical’s artists and team.

Nikolai appeared on stage in flared jeans and announced the name of the millionth viewer. It was Maxim Smirnov from Kazan who bought a ticket for 39th place in the 21st row.

– Maxim? This name has haunted me since I was little! – said Nikolai and announced a list of gifts: a mug, a T-shirt with the print “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you”, a golden ticket to a musical, a trip to St. Petersburg with accommodation at the Angleterre Hotel and a visit to a restaurant with the telling name “Happiness.”

Photo: Press service of the Broadway Moscow theater company.

Maxim was happy! After the performance, he was also taken on the production’s floating trolley bus.

– I’m delighted! When Nikolai Fomenko himself addressed me from the stage, I was simply dumbfounded! – says Maxim Smirnov. – The musical is amazing! Wonderful artists, costumes, songs that I listen to and love very much. You are immersed in the atmosphere of that time, in this story of love and life. The songs of the group “Secret” are relevant for today’s young people, because times change, but people remain the same, with the same feelings and relationships. Literally 2 days ago I came from Kazan to Moscow just to take a walk during the holidays and see the city. The musical “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you” is the most popular and famous performance in the city, so it was a must to go! I experienced a unique pleasure not only from the musical, but also from the trolleybus ride.

By the way, Philip Kirkorov also came to see the anniversary production. After the performance there was even a traffic jam in the room because many spectators wanted to photograph the King of Pop.


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