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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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“No one needs real estate”: Lolita regrets that she bought so many apartments in Moscow

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 00:50:55

Lolita Milyavskaya.


Lolita Milyavskaya is one of the highest paid stars in our country. The artist invested her fees in her real estate for a long time. She considered the purchase of apartments in Moscow an excellent opportunity to save the money she had earned. But now the artist believes that she bought so much real estate in vain.

“If I were smarter, I wouldn’t buy as many apartments as I have right now,” Lolita told MK. Because now they require constant care. But I have a communal childhood. When you live in a communal apartment for a long time, it seems to you that your own apartment is great! And then another – it will be the department of the child. And then, over the years, it turns out that no one needs anything. Especially in our time, all this is worthless.

The singer is especially upset that something constantly breaks in the purchased apartments, for example, a pipe breaks and floods the neighbors. Due to the fact that Lolita is constantly on tour, he is unable to adequately control ownership of her. Many colleagues of the star rent apartments and earn money on it. But Lolita says that this is not her choice: she regrets that the tenants “kill” the furniture and the good condition.

The singer admits that she stopped spending money on large purchases a long time ago. She now has everything she needs to be happy. She spends her earnings to help family and friends.

“I already bought everything I wanted,” says Lolita. – I have a good car, a country house, apartments. In fact, I have a host of other expenses. I invest a lot of money in my work. In addition, I pay a salary to my team.

In addition to real estate in Moscow, Lolita bought an apartment and a house in Bulgaria several years ago. Recently, the artist announced that she had put her work schedule on pause for the sake of rest. The singer went on vacation to Bulgaria, where she will spend several weeks away from the hustle and bustle. The actress admitted that she feels completely happy.

– I arrived at my house. Mop, vacuum cleaner, detergents, firewood and everything you need for a creative and song-free holiday. I love this business! No makeup, heels, combs! I envy “aunts”, who only have beautiful pictures and have enough time to select angles, 59-year-old Milyavskaya joked.

Lolita said that in the next few days she was going to walk around the village in an old warm jacket together with the Labrador Boatswain. In a video posted on social networks, the artist showed a mountainous landscape near her house and a large house with gazebos and a pool.

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