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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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North Korean artillery is one of the strongest in the world: what the North Korean army is capable of

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:01:51

Pyongyang could become a valuable ally for Russia in the context of a special operation in Ukraine


During the visit of the Russian delegation to the DPRK, issues of military-technical cooperation were discussed, among other things. Of course, we won’t know the details; Pyongyang, in the context of a Russian special military operation in Ukraine, could become a very valuable ally for us. And here is the reason.

According to public sources, today the Korean People’s Army (KPA) has two artillery corps and thirty artillery brigades in its ground forces for various purposes. Pyongyang has about 4.5 thousand self-propelled guns, 3.5 thousand towed guns and more than 2 thousand multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Military experts estimate that the entire KPA artillery fleet is 10.5 thousand units, which formally makes it one of the strongest in the world. Eight thousand of them are targeting Seoul.

The KPA artillery brigades and corps are armed, perhaps, with the entire range of USSR and Chinese calibers above 120 millimeters: 122 mm self-propelled guns based on the Soviet D-30 and M-30 howitzers , 130-mm guns (Soviet M-46), 152-mm howitzers (Soviet D-20 and Chinese Type-66) and others. Rocket artillery is represented by 107, 120 and 240 mm multi-barreled rocket mortars.

However, the North Koreans developed their most formidable weapons independently. We are talking about the 170 mm Koksan self-propelled gun, first presented at a parade in Pyongyang in 1985. The self-propelled gun has a low rate of fire – one or two shots every five minutes, but this is compensated by its range. A normal Koksan projectile has a range of 40 kilometers, more than enough to hit any area of ​​Seoul. At the same time, the active-reactive ammunition of this weapon is capable of hitting a target at a distance of up to 60-70 kilometers. Approximately this distance from the border are the US military bases of Osan and Camp Humphreys.

To keep this powerful artillery group afloat, which is Pyongyang’s main military asset, the country is using its entire defense industry. In the DPRK there are dozens of companies that produce shells for howitzers, cannons, mortars and MLRS. The amount of ammunition in storage depots can amount to tens of millions of units. They are 100 percent compatible with our artillery. And perhaps the Korean government’s many years of investment in ammunition production will finally pay off.


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