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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Not a man, but an image! The artist Dilyara Minrakhmanova showed how she sees the stronger sex

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 12:27:33

Dilara doesn’t want to show her face. Therefore, instead of a photo, a portrait of her, drawn by a neural network.

All women dream of beautiful princes. But probably no one understands princes better than illustrious people. One of them is 24-year-old artist, illustrator and environmentalist Dilyara Minrakhmanova, who lives in the capital’s Kapotnya district and calls herself the queen of it.

girl with blue hair

Due to the large oil refinery located in Kapotnya, it is considered by many to be perhaps the most sinister district of Moscow. But Dilara does not agree with this. Arriving six years ago from Ufa to enter the university, he settled here. And over the years, she became a true patriot of Kapotnya – its streets, embankments, but most importantly – its inhabitants.

– Contrary to stereotypes, this is a very green and cozy area, – says Dilyara. – No big city noise here. People don’t look like strangers. Many people know each other by sight. I made friends quickly…

Drawings by Dilara Minrakhmanova.

It was in Kapotnya that inspiration descended on Dilyara. Since childhood, she, having asked her parents for a graphic tablet, “scribbled funny pictures on the table”, but in Moscow the hobby acquired a special meaning. The then student really wanted to share her vision of the “dirty and terrible” Kapotnya with the world. Comics have become the most accessible and entertaining form. The main character of her was a drawn copy of Dilyara herself, a sarcastic girl with blue hair symbolizing fuel. Well, it’s still an oil refinery.

– My pseudonym, Queen Kapotni, was born spontaneously, – recalls Dilyara. – It took me a long time to sort through the options. Then I saw the movie “Queen of the gas station”, and it hit me!

Over time, Dilyara created her own comic world with funny characters: the Human Torch, Satan, a laboratory assistant, a factory worker Fedor, etc. Each has its own character. But then the artist stopped “trampling” reality in this short list.

Drawings by Dilara Minrakhmanova.

a guide for psychologists

On the eve of February 23, we asked the girl to present comics about men to KP readers.

It seems that the observer Dilyara has studied the stronger sex inside and out. Based on his drawings, novice psychologists can explore the masculine types: here a lover of delicious food falls asleep face down in a salad, but an indecisive man cannot decide where to put a carrot on a snowman: in the lump top or bottom. one. The Queen of Kapotny also has a comic strip about a disgruntled peasant who you don’t feed bread; let me criticize everything and everyone. And about an eccentric who doesn’t know how to meet women.

Drawings by Dilara Minrakhmanova.

– In general, I am a progressive girl, so I try to stay away from gender stereotypes: if you are a man, then you will definitely lose your sock. Although it is so, we know it! Dilara smiles.

“KP” asked: did your acquaintances do any real male acts?

“The act of a real man is to live in a convenient place in Moscow, move to a girl in an area where there is no metro, and then fall in love with the embankment with all my heart,” Dilyara laughs, hinting at her beloved. Kapotnya and changes in her personal life. – Yes, yes, I’m talking about me…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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