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Friday, February 23, 2024
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“Now it’s worse than in the 90s”: accusations of bias against football referees are sounding more and more often – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 13:16:15

I would like to say that the case is isolated, but it is not like that at all. We take the next round, the 27th. Combine “Spartak” with “Khimki”. The referee of the match Yevgeny Kukulyak points out the second yellow card to the ‘rojiblancos’ defender Daniil Denisov, for a foul, which was not. Spartak plays in the minority all the time and misses out on victory.

You can try to chalk it all up to the similarity of judicial names, but of course that’s not the point. Judicial scandals rock the RPL all season. Not a single round is complete without a bunch of bugs. There is a feeling that not much has been said about the work of referees yet. Even if the president of the RPL, Alexander Alaev, sincerely exhales: “The main thing is to make this championship roll so that there are as few mistakes as possible.”

In some ways, this “roll” differs from the optimistic April speech of the president of the Russian Football Union (RFU), Alexander Dyukov.

“An objective and important criterion is the number of key uncorrected errors,” the RFU chief said in an interview with Sport-Express. “If you look at the statistics of the number of uncorrected errors in 20 matchdays last season and the current, we will see a positive trend. Yes, judges still make mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable, although that shouldn’t be an excuse.”

It would probably be naive to expect us to talk about some other dynamic. In 2019, a large-scale arbitration reform was announced, initiated by the former head of the Referees Committee, who later became the head of the RPL, Ashot Khachaturyants. Noble initiatives, the result of which should have been a positive “dynamic”. But does this reform really work?

“It is important that the judges have a common and unified refereeing style,” Dyukov said. It seems that we are still very far from the declared ideals. Soccer players, coaches, fans still complain that they don’t understand the logic of refereeing decisions. Why at one moment a penalty is given for contact, at another not, why a hand is fixed here, not there. There are only more nuances, and it is becoming more and more difficult to understand them even for specialists, not to mention the rest.

It seemed that VAR had to come to the rescue, which in 2019 was just beginning to be fully integrated into Russian football. But it did not improve much in the eyes of the public. Some people think that VAR intervenes too often, others are perplexed how they can make mistakes with the help of video assistants in their headphones. This definitely does not add authority and confidence to the judges.

Igor Zakharov, former FIFA referee: Our football referees are rapidly degrading

The issue of trust is generally one of the keys. Four years ago, the creation of a kind of public rating of judges was announced, based on which referees will be appointed for certain matches. The rating, apparently, exists, but it was never made public. So there is no talk of transparency, for which they promised to fight. When there is no transparency, then there is no trust, and in this context, whatever conspiracy theory comes to mind.

Maybe the chest is easier to open. “Honestly, I used to think they were ‘killing’ us, but today I realized that some refs just don’t have enough qualifications and don’t feel the edge they can allow on some points. Sometimes they lose control of the game, that’s it. and that’s all,” argued Spartak Alexander Sobolev after the match with Khimki. And this, unfortunately, is most likely the truth.

When, at the same time, the RFU leadership claims that there is a “positive trend”, the mistrust only grows stronger.

And how they are?

In the English Premier League (EPL), they are thinking of opening the negotiations between the referees on the field and the VAR to the public. Therefore, the decision-making process should become more understandable for the fans.

According to the Daily Mail, Premier League clubs, the referees themselves and video assistants were enthusiastic about this idea. However, if the plans are destined to come to fruition, it’s unlikely that the judges’ conversations will be released this season. Most likely they will open in the next one. It is important that we are talking about conversations between the judges, and not about the referee’s conversations with the players and coaches.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has nothing against innovation. The only condition is that such negotiations are published only at the end of the matches, and not live.

By the way

The five most prominent judicial scandals of the Russian season-2022/23

2nd round Krasnodar – Spartak – 1:4

Referee: Kirill Levnikov

With the score 0:0, the main referee did not give a yellow card to the rojiblancos striker Alexander Sobolev for hitting an opponent with his elbow.

18th round. “Spartak” – “Ural” – 2:2

Referee: Vitaly Meshkov

At the end of the match, Meshkov mistakenly canceled a clean goal from the ‘rojiblancos’, without understanding the episode and whistling prematurely.

Russian Cup. Quarterfinals of the route of the regions. Zenit – Dynamo 1:1 (4:5)

Referee: Evgeny Kukulyak

He did not award a penalty at the gates of Zenit after St. Petersburg midfielder Claudinho hit blue and white striker Konstantin Tyukavin in the legs in his penalty area.

24th round. “Pari NN” – “Wings of the Soviets” – 3: 2

Referee: Artem Galimov

The referee wrongly awarded a penalty kick to the Krylia gate, did not assign an 11-meter penalty kick to the Nizhny Novgorod gates, and also did not show a red card for a sharp foul on the Pari NN player Viktor Alexandrov.

26th round. “Zenit” – “Spartak” – 3:2

Referee: Pavel Kukuyán

Before the second goal of “Zenith” the referee did not record a violation of the rules on Roman Zobnin from Spartak.


“It’s worse now than it was in the 90s”

Igor Zakharov, former FIFA referee: “Our championship is a complete shame, worse than in the 90s. It’s not even about the number of penalties in each round, but about the work of the referees. Russian football is disgusting to watch. Soccer referees are rapidly degrading here. They are removed, but they still make monstrous mistakes. They have completely lost their fear.”

Andrey Chervichenko, former president of Spartak Moscow: “The judiciary has turned into a brothel with prostitutes, where there are no laws, orders. This is not visible only to those who do not understand football at all.”

Sergey Khusainov, former FIFA referee: “Everyone understands everything anyway. After a break, literally in every round, there is, as I call it, abuse of official powers in the interests of people around football. One person sitting on a card becomes the most desirable goal in such a situation. This applies not only to the main referee, but to the entire team, as well as management. Certain goals and objectives are being met, but they don’t give a damn how the public watches it.”

Yuri Savchenko, former FIFA referee: “Now the judges no longer have that fair and principled evaluation that we had in the Soviet Union. I am surprised that they make such mistakes, but there are still to be judged.”

Zarema Salikhova, wife of the former owner of Moscow “Spartak” Leonid Fedun: “With normal refereeing, Spartak would have easily beaten Zenit. The guys fought and did everything to win, but it’s hard to play 11 on 13. I hope that judges Kukuyan and Ivanov will also receive medals and titles of honorary citizens of St. Petersburg.”

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