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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Okroshka prices increased slightly: over the year, the favorite summer soup has risen in price by only 2.5%.

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:55:39

Over the year, the price of a set of products for making okroshka according to the classic recipe has increased by only 2.5%.

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Potatoes are the head of everything! It was thanks to her, my dear, that okroshka almost did not rise in price for a year. This conclusion was made by experts from the Chek Index company, which analyzes data from a million Russian boxes online.

As soon as the outside temperature rose above +20, analysts rushed to cut … Excuse me, take a look at our costs and prices for the ingredients of your favorite summer soup. And it turned out that over the year a set of products for making okroshka according to the classic recipe has increased in price by only 2.5%. By the way, this figure practically does not differ from general inflation: as Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said today, prices have risen by 2.3% over the year.

But this is the average temperature for okroshka. And the devil is in the ingredients: among them there are both prices that are soaring sharply and abnormally cheaper.

As already mentioned, the main “culprit” for such a low price increase is potatoes. For the year she has dropped in price by 33%. Dill and eggs have dropped significantly in price. But cucumbers and radishes have risen in price by about a quarter (for details, see “Just Numbers”).

The reasons for price spikes are easy to understand. Potatoes fell in price due to the fact that a year ago they were abnormally expensive (remember that the okroshka index is calculated in comparison with the prices of May 2022). Deliveries from abroad failed, the dollar cost a hundred rubles … Now the situation has calmed down, both with supplies and with the exchange rate. Then the fries arrived at their normal price.

As for radishes with cucumbers, now they are sold mainly in greenhouses. It takes a lot of electricity to grow them. The prices for which, we remember, were raised twice last year – in July and December. As a result (according to Rosstat), electricity prices in the country increased by 13.5% during the year. That is why the prices of greenhouse vegetables have risen.

And soon the vegetables grown outdoors will begin to arrive on the shelves. Your prices will drop. The okroshka index should also fall next. Waiting for him!


How much is okroshka for the people?

Ingredient and Price Increase/Decrease per year*

Radish + 28%

Potato -33%

Eggs -7% 5 pieces

Cucumbers +25%

Cooked sausage +1%

Sour cream +1%

kvass +6%

Bow +5%

dill -21%

*According to the “Check Index” resource for the first half of May.

* This website provides news content gathered from various internet sources. It is crucial to understand that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented Read More

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