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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Oksana Domnina fulfilled the will of Roman Kostomarov

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 16:03:51

Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov made the audience cry


Oksana Domnina spoke about the appearance of Roman Kostomarov on the Sochi ice. Figure skater she performed with the show “Love Letters” and at some point she was approached by her husband, whose appearance became a real sensation. As you know, the Olympic champion suffered several amputations and moved with prosthetics. And his hands are bandaged. The public cried in the same corridor when they saw how Roman hugs and kisses her wife, tells her something about her and looks into her eyes.

Oksana Domnina arrived a few days ago on tour in Sochi. She was accompanied by her husband Roman Kostomarov and her children, Anastasia, 12, and Ilya, 7.

Later, Domnina said that her own husband insisted on her participation in the ice show. “Of course, this is our joint decision. The decision, first of all, is Roman. Roma wanted me to return to the ice. And I am very happy that we are here, we are together, our whole family is here.” Sport24 the appointment.

Roman Kostomarov on the show “Love Letters.”

Photo: Oleg Umarov

She added that she experienced indescribable emotions when the arena “exploded” upon seeing the skater on the ice. He was very moving. “I think everyone perfectly saw the emotions we had… It’s a great happiness that we all came here together,” added Oksana.

By the way, the show participants cried during the finale. “Because you have to have the mental strength not only to get out of that state and come back to life, but also to take a step on the ice, to step over yourself. Totmianina.

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