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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Oleg Tabakov’s son became a victim of insidious deception.

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 15:00:39

Anton Tabakov suffered from car scammers

Sometimes it seems that happiness is so close. You just need to select the desired door – reach out and pull. It will cover your head.

But this usually happens in fairy tales or dreams. In reality, everything is much more prosaic. He wants a nice car from abroad at a slightly lower price than the Lada, but gets ripped off. It was in this situation that the son of Oleg Tabakov, a restaurateur and actor in the past, Anton Tabakov, found himself. The other day it became known that the 62-year-old businessman got into an unpleasant story.

I ordered, went, in the MosAvtoDealer office for a car. Made a 100% down payment. And then they began to feed him “breakfasts”: now, they say, soon, already, we see his car, he is standing at the border, it remains to clear customs, wait a little longer. Tabakov endured, but when humility reached its peak and the car managers began to “freeze”, he turned to the police.

In a statement, Anton Olegovich said that Yaroslav Korotkikh, the general director of the Mosavtolider LLC car sales company, illegally took his money. He made promises but didn’t keep them. For what reason – to understand the research.

Despite the New Year’s fever, and not two days had passed, Korotkikh was found and arrested. He is accused of fraud on an especially large scale (the amount of damage is 1 million rubles). Detectives suggest that the company worked according to a well-established scheme: customers transferred to it 100% prepayment for used cars that had to arrive from abroad (USA, Japan, Korea, etc.), but in place of beautiful and high quality cars. , received messages about logistics problems. And in the end, they were left with nothing.

The court detained Yaroslav Korotkikh for two months. There is an investigation.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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