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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Olga Kabo: I don’t want to be 17

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:04:12

Horses are an old passion of the actress. She even has her own stallion, the famous Trakehner breed.


In her first film, “And everything will be repeated…”, Olga Kabo starred at the age of 15. After that, she wanted to become an actress. She left the special English school and went to literary and theatrical, after which she entered the VGIK in the workshop of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva. She acted a lot in her youth. And she says that the profession of an actress is a bird of happiness, which she caught and will never let go.

On the eve of her birthday, the actress met with journalists and told how she would celebrate the round date. On this day, she returns from Novosibirsk, where she performed in the play “Master and Margarita”. She therefore wants to spend the night with her loved ones. And the next day she went to the shooting of the film “Without hands.” This crime drama is based on a true story. “KP” wrote about the tragedy that occurred a few years ago in the suburbs. A jealous husband cut off the hands of a young woman, Margarita Gracheva, suspecting treason. Rita described her story in the book Happy Without Hands. Cabo will play the main character’s mother, Inna Sheikina, who helped her daughter return to normal life.

“For me, Margarita Gracheva is an example of incredible resilience and love for life,” says Olga. – When I was preparing for the role, I tried to imagine myself in the place of Inna. What emotions did she experience? The worst thing for any mother is when a misfortune happens to a child.

– Olga, how do you manage to look so good and not change over the years?

– Cosmetologists help me recover after work. I’ve been at the same weight for 30 years. If I get a little better, I try to immediately get rid of the excess, although I like to eat, especially dumplings and Napoleon cake. But of course… some days you need to drink juices and shakes. I try not to focus on the negative, which only gives me wrinkles. I love my loved ones: my children, my beloved mother, friends… I love my film parents. In the comedy A Million in a Marriage Basket, Alexander Shirvindt was my father in the cinema and Sofiko Chiaureli was my mother in the cinema.

– What do your daughter Tatyana and son Victor do?

– Tanya graduated from the Academy of Choreography at the Bolshoi Theater, then – the choreographer’s department of GITIS with a red diploma. But unexpectedly he entered the Psychological Faculty of Moscow State University. He is an interesting and deep person who did not go my way. It was his choice, I accepted it. Son Victor is still at school.

– You work a lot, do you have enough time for hobbies?

– I try to spend my free time with my family. As for my hobbies, dressage since my youth. Communicating with nature, with animals is the best relaxation for me, although when you get on a horse you can’t relax. My son also rides. Every week we try to go to the barn. I have a Trakehner stallion standing there, who always greets me with whinnies of joy. I also love to skate and travel.

– How do you feel about plastic surgery?

– I am against a total change in my appearance. Against the excessive passion for fillers and plastic surgery. You have to take care of yourself, but at the same time be yourself. Of course, there are age-related changes, and I don’t look like I’m 17. But I don’t want to be 17. 55 is a great age. Two fives – the age of excellent students!

5 of his films:

– “The Adventures of Quentin Dorward” (1988)

– “Cyrano de Bergerac” (1989)

– “Comedy about Lysistrata” (1989)

– Musketeers 20 years later (1992)

– “Crusader” (1995)

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