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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Olga Kabo will play the mother of Rita Gracheva, whose hands were cut off by a jealous husband

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 21:51:01

Actress Olga Kabo.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Olga talked about her creative plans. In fact, modern producers forbid actors from talking about a future movie while it’s in production. You can not share news and photos even on your social networks. “The game of silence” is detailed in the contract. But Olga Kabo was allowed to speak about the new project.

– I am preparing to shoot the film “Without hands.” I will play the mother of the main character, – said Kabo. -Many probably remember from the press the terrible story of a young Margarita Gracheva, whose jealous husband for her, suspecting that she was a traitor, cut off her hands. This criminal drama occurred in Serpukhov in 2017. Rita and her mother Inna Sheikina described her story in the book “Happy without hands. A true story of love and brutality.” I will play Rita’s mother.

In general, for me, Margarita Gracheva is an example of amazing resilience and love. She loves life. The whole world raised money for her for a prosthesis, she learned how to use it. Later, she remarried, gave birth to another son. And she wrote a book mainly for her children (from her first marriage to Dmitry Grachev). Time erases circumstances and details from memory. I met Rita and her mother Inna, these two women conquered me.

– I eat?

– His truth and love for life. Whatever happens, we must fight. Life is given once and cannot be refused.

Rita Gracheva described her story in the book “Happy without hands. A true story of love and brutality.”

Photo: Artem KILKIN

It is a great responsibility for me to interpret my contemporaries. Tragic story lived by them recently. I am grateful to the director and the producer for approving me for this role. Now I mentally live with my heroine – Inna, Rita’s mother. I try to imagine what emotions she experienced when a tragedy happened to her daughter. After all, this is the worst when a misfortune happens to her son. But it is important to think not about yourself, but about how to support him so that there is no despair.

The first day of shooting will be January 29, the day after my birthday. I mean, I’m going to start the new year of my life with this job.

– What helps you in life?

– My life creed is love. You have to be able to give love. This is not always mutual, – Olga Kabo smiles. – But, I think, without love, you can’t even wake up in the morning. I try to eliminate all negativity from my life. It does not give positive emotions and wrinkles remain on the face. We must love our loved ones, children, mother, friends…

Read the full version of the interview on the kP.RU website January 28, the actress’s birthday.

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