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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Olympic champion Alina Zagitova’s team won the First KXan Channel 36 Daily News Cup

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 16:03:03

The Reds have also won the previous two tournaments. In 2021, her captain was Zagitova, in 2022 – Anna Shcherbakova, the owner of Beijing’s personal “gold”. But in these competitions, points are not the most important thing. First of all, this is a show-tournament where you can see the strongest athletes in a spectacular battle format between the teams of two popular skaters.

Battle of axes, counting the tips

By the way, it was the single skaters who put a nice finale to the event’s curtain. The free program was won by the Russian champion Sofya Akatieva. She easily pulled off the most difficult triple axel, solo and cascading quadruple shearling coat. Adelia Petrosyan could repeat this outfit, but in a fourfold sheepskin coat she only made a “butterfly”. The Battle of Trixel also starred Sofya Muravyova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

The boys were not far behind either. The multiquadist title was won by Gleb Lutfullin. A student of Alexei Mishin even after the short program promised to perform four quads in the free program. And he kept his word: quad loop touching the ice with the hand, combinations with quad toe loop and salchow, as well as solo quad-salchow with blot on the road.

But glide and the quality of non-jumping elements also affect the score. So the free program was left in the hands of Dmitry Aliyev. The day before he fell from all the jumps, but he forgot about the mistake and tried not to let Valieva’s team down. As a result, a fall (of a triple rittberger) occurred. However, there were also three big quads.

The second result goes to Peter Gumennik with two quads. Andrey Mozalev is in the top 3 with three quads.

In pairs skating, the public again saw a duel of two pairs from the group of Tamara Moskvina and Artur Minchuk. The short program was left to the Olympic champions in the team and the Beijing bronze medalists in the individual tournament Anastasia Mishina – Alexander Gallyamov. But in the free program, the champions of Russia Alexandra Boykova – Dmitry Kozlovsky were better.

But as Sasha Gallyamov rightly noted, this is not the last start of the season. Soon the couples will meet on their native ice in St. Petersburg, and in March the series finale of the Russian Grand Prix will take place. And there the fight for the title of the strongest will be resumed with even greater force.

hurts to tears

But unfortunately, no one is immune to injuries on the ice. In the short program on landing the triple lutz, Anastasia Zinina’s skate jumped and she collapsed on her hip. The pain is such that Zinina not only did not continue with the program, but she could not get up on her own. The doctors pulled her crying from the ice. Those who follow figure skating were immediately transported to November 2021, when, following a fall at the Japanese Grand Prix, Daria Usacheva was also carried into a room under the stands. Dasha has not returned to competitions yet.

After examinations, Zinina did not reveal serious injuries. “Nastya has a bruise. Thank God, there is no fracture,” Zinina’s official support group on Telegram quotes the comment of coach Yulia Lavrenchuk. Nastya will spend a week in the hospital and will undergo a rehabilitation course with restorative physiotherapy.


there is a way back

Russian coach Natalya Linichuk finally returned from the United States to Russia. Natalya Vladimirovna appeared on the podium and carefully watched her wonderful performance.

The 1980 Olympic ice dance champion was paired with Gennady Karponosov, who became her husband in 1981. After the end of their sports career, the coaching duo worked in the US for many years.

20 million rubles was the total prize fund of the tournament

The magnificent trainer Natalia Vladimirovna Linichuk, together with Gennady Mikhailovich Karponosov, brought up many champion dance couples. These are Oksana Grischuk – Evgeny Platov, Anzhelika Krylova – Oleg Ovsyannikov, Irina Lobacheva – Ilya Averbukh and many, many others…

In 2014, the creative and married duo parted ways after 33 years of marriage. Gennady Karponosov returned to Moscow, where he works as a coach.

And now Natalya Linichuk has returned to Russia. This decision is considered irrevocable and final. The Honored Coach of Russia and the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation will have a place to apply their coaching knowledge and experience. The way home is always open.

And one more thing that cut the ear off a bit. Of course, the superbly conceived and well-executed Channel One Cup is not only a purely sporting event, but also a true spectacle. The organizers managed to harmoniously unite these two components. And the snap comments of the Olympic champions Maxim Trankov and Alexei Yagudin, who conducted quick interviews with the skaters of the two opposing teams, are seen and, most importantly, heard as a new word in the television report, with the one I would like to congratulate the sports editors of Channel One. However, Maxim Maxaim Trankov sometimes crossed the line here. Usually accurate in his assessments, exceptionally proficient in his reporting, she took a somewhat different note here. There are too many words, expressions that, perhaps, are good in personal communication with skaters, but are by no means suitable for a multimillion-dollar television audience, which does not consist only of teenagers. Overcoming enthusiasm, expression – yes. However, not overflowing. There must be some measurement here. By the way, the athletes themselves answered the interviewer much more sparingly. True, on the second day, Maxim’s way of commenting changed.

In general, the formation of famous athletes who took up the microphone is not a very fast process. At one time, Alexei Yagudin successfully passed this path. The first steps of the intelligent Evgenia Medvedeva are very encouraging. Hopefully others will too.

Prepared by Nikolai Dolgopolov

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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