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Monday, April 22, 2024
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On December 27, Russia celebrates the Day of the Savior. “RG” partners in the regions talk about the usual courage and bravery of people who save lives KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 22, 2024 Time: 05:33:43

About Rogue and Grinder

The rescue team under the Ivanovo city administration was created more than 10 years ago, and during this time a lot of stories have accumulated: dramatic and instructive, pleasant and unpleasant, funny and not very funny. One of them was reported by the regional newspaper Rabochy Krai.

The emergency phone rang. An excited female voice called out, “Save me! Come quickly!” Without wasting time on unnecessary questions, the rescuers quickly dived into the marked “gazelle”, the car quickly drove to the specified address. And then the same woman runs up to him, runs up to him, waves her arms, points to a large birch tree growing near the road, and for quite some time she cannot intelligibly explain what happened. It turns out that a red cat is sitting on top of a tree and looking down. “He’s a Rogue!” – explains the woman. “He’s been sitting there for a long time, the dogs were chased away, he barely escaped them! Help me catch him please! Just be careful, he’s all scared!” Having laughed a little, the rescuers attached a ladder to the trunk of a birch tree, climbed up to the poor striped man and helped him down, into the arms of a happy hostess.

In addition to a cat stuck in a tree, Ivanovo rescuers that day removed a large branch from an old poplar tree that hung dangerously over a children’s playground, built a protective fence around an open hatch and checked for access to a recently burned house, which they had to work hard to put out the day before.

There are a million stories like this! – The savior Dmitry Solovyov responds to the correspondent’s request to tell something more interesting.

– We often open the doors, – the top detachment Vladimir Zeynalov joins the conversation. – Let’s say that the child fell asleep and does not hear the doorbell, that it is closed from the inside, and the parents arrive from work and are worried, they call us for help. Or the grandmother got sick, she can’t go up, open it. These kinds of things happen all the time. Therefore, we always have a grinder with us. This is generally a universal tool in the arsenal of rescuers. With her help, he is able to remove the ring from the swollen finger of an old lady who decided to remember her youth and try on her girl’s engagement ring. The same grinder will help when you need to help a person who “put up a fence.” A similar incident happened recently: a girl tried to climb over the fence, leaning on a melted snowdrift, and she collapsed, as a result, the girl pierced her leg with a sharp pin and hung on the fence. In order for the ambulance to pick up the victim, the rescuers had to cut a piece of the fence with a grinder. The gate has not yet been restored, so you can still see this monument to human stupidity.

Photo: Eric Romanenko/TASS

case in taiga

For several years now, in the village of Podvolnoye, Ust-Udinsky district, they have been telling in every way an amazing story, which was remembered by the newspaper “Oblastnaya” (Irkutsk).

A team of lumberjacks was working in the taiga and a bear attacked two men. It is said that the men tried to take a photo of the cubs, which they accidentally stumbled upon in the taiga. They violated one of the commandments of taiga residents: do not approach the cubs, her mother is somewhere nearby and she will definitely rush to protect her children. What happened. In the blink of an eye, a large bear crushed one of the men who “invaded” his offspring.

His partner had a gun with him, he shot the beast multiple times. The wounded bear hid in the thicket. By some miracle, the man was able to communicate with the town administration. A group of volunteer rescuers immediately went to the scene, including local hospital paramedic Tatyana Vladimirovna Gamayunova, who was instrumental in saving the victim by providing first aid on the spot.

“Several kilometers they overcame solid roadblocks, cut the path, working with axes and a saw,” recalls Tatyana Vladimirovna. – It was only at two in the morning that we reached the victim. I treated the wounds, put tourniquets on her, then splints, because she had a fractured femur. The man was of a large build, weighing more than a penny, when they took him out they changed every ten or fifteen meters, stopped for a couple of minutes and rested. Everyone was waiting in fear that the wounded bear was hiding somewhere nearby and was about to jump out to take revenge on his offenders. But it worked. Two hours later we got to the car. We found a suitable clearing, made a fire. I had to set up something like a hospital room for resuscitation right in the back…

The man survived. In the afternoon, a disaster medicine helicopter arrived in the town. The doctors examined the patient, praised Tatyana Vladimirovna for her skillful work in saving a person who was on the verge of life and death. The patient was taken to Bratsk. Her mother on the phone with tears thanked the inhabitants of Podvolochny, who rescued her son from the hands of death.

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

How Maxim saved the girl

In the Khabarovsk sports club “Tiger” there is such an action – “Heroes among us.” Club members meet with famous athletes, distinguished rescuers, firefighters, and others who can serve as role models for young athletes. And recently, the instructor of the club, Maxim Marchuk, also, one might say, accomplished a feat. This was told to the readers by the newspaper “Pacific Star”.

It was about eight at night, it was already dark. Walking along the embankment of the Amur, Maxim heard a sound like a moan or a low cry coming from the direction of the river, along which large ice floes floated, as it happens during the autumn freezing period. Marchuk saw a faint silhouette on an ice floe in the distance. He passed a woman with a dog. He too heard an alarming voice and resolutely headed for the coastal shoreline, gradually moving towards the floating ice islands. But soon the woman began to fall by herself, and Maxim stopped her in time, and quickly contacted the Ministry of Emergency Situations by phone and began to coordinate with rescuers the passage of an ice floe with a silhouette . This was important, otherwise the ice floe in the dark would have moved away from the zone of relative visibility, then there would be no chance of salvation. Thanks to Maxim’s actions, the rescuers were able to orient themselves correctly and rescue a person in trouble.

she was a girl. In the company of the boys, she played on the ice and did not notice how the ice floe broke off the shore. When the girl realized what had happened to her, she screamed for help. But all her friends (although what kind of friends are they after that?) ran away. And it’s scary to think what would have happened if Maxim had not been alert.

dangerous snowdrift

The accident occurred in the village of Veresovo, Konoshsky district, Arkhangelsk region. This was reported by the local newspaper “Dvina 29”.

The girl was playing in the courtyard of a private house, digging a house in a snowdrift. The snowdrift collapsed, crushing the boy. Fortunately, the parents pulled their daughter out from under the snow block in time. The girl, who lost consciousness in the snow, was taken home and reported the incident to the 112 dispatch service. As a result of the parents’ timely actions, the girl regained consciousness, although her condition was serious. The girl was taken by ambulance to the Konosha district hospital…

Given the heavy snowfall that has occurred throughout the north of Russia, it is possible to forecast the repetition of this type of cases. In this regard, rescuers give the following advice:

– Make sure that children do not dig tunnels and caves in snowdrifts, do not jump into the snow from fences, garages. There have already been several cases when children had to be dug up after such games, and it was not always possible to bring them back to life.

– Do not allow children to walk near snow blowers: tractors, motor graders. Mechanized snow removal is not an attraction. The bucket can hold up to 5 tons (!) of snow.

– It is better to ski in places with a track.

– Refrain from sledding, skiing on steep and rugged slopes, since there is a high probability of “burying yourself” in the snow with the subsequent fall under the mass of snow rolling from above.

Photo: Alexey Andronov/TASS

Don’t rub your ears in the snow

The newspaper “Magadanskaya Pravda” also gave its readers some “winter” advice.

According to the Kolyma Department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, in some areas of the Magadan region, extremely low air temperatures are observed in the period before the New Year. For example, in the Susuman urban district, the thermometer dropped to minus 54 degrees. This climate poses a particular danger to those who, on duty, are on a long journey, a great distance from cities and towns. Under these conditions, the Kolyma rescue teams organized mobile heating points on the winter route. But the main way to avoid dangerous situations is, if possible, to refuse long trips during this freezing weather.

“Drivers, hunters, especially those who plan long-distance trips, should pay special attention to the technical condition of their car, take an additional supply of fuel, warm clothing and food, be sure to inform relatives about the updated route , keep the phone charged. Before taking a flight, eat something hot, drink a cup of tea or coffee. Dress warmly, preferably natural fabric or wool, and it is best to buy special thermal clothing. Shoes must be dry and loose to that the circulation of the feet is not disturbed”. And city dwellers are advised to spend as little time as possible on the street in order to avoid frostbite.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations suggests following simple rules for communicating with the local Santa Claus:

– When waiting for public transportation, try to keep moving.

– If the nose, tips of the ears, fingers and toes are frozen, in no case should they be rubbed with snow or warmed with hot water. It is better to wrap it with a cloth and let it warm up.

– Coming home after frost, you can not immediately drink hot tea, warm up under a hot shower or in a warm bath. A sharp change in temperature causes a significant load on the cardiovascular system. Within 20-30 minutes, allow the body to gradually adjust to room temperature.

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