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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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On part of the streets of Moscow, parking prices will change from December 24 KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 14:34:55

There is good news: on the streets 27 it was decided to reduce the fee, that is, now you will have to pay less for parking there. For the rest, prices will rise, but in different ways. The “RG” correspondent learned the details.

color will be cheaper

Let me remind you that parking fees in Moscow are revised almost every year, and in most cases the prices rise. The Department of Transport explains this simply: if the parking lot is 90-100% occupied for the whole day, then you need to increase the price, since it ceases to fulfill its function. Most often, drivers cannot find a place, they begin to cut circles in search of a free place, which contributes to the formation of traffic jams, and sometimes to emergency situations. In addition, the lack of free places causes drivers to abandon cars in violation of parking rules, and this often interferes with the passage of other motorists and emergency services. Raising the prices eliminates the problem: there are fewer people who want to pay more and there are more free places.

But it also happens the other way around: almost every second place is empty on the street. In this case, the rates are usually reduced, which will allow to send here some of the budget drivers who are ready to go further from their destination, but cheaper. “Taking this logic into account, the price of parking will decrease on 27 streets,” they say in the deptrans. was 80 (Panteleevskaya street, Luzhnetsky proezd), it will become 40″.

The decrease, by the way, will benefit not only those who often visit these places. For example, thousands of Muscovites will now be able to travel cheaply by car to Tsvetnoy Boulevard. On it and nearby to park you need to pay 380 rubles. per hour, but Samotechnaya street is very close. And already from Saturday it will be possible to stand on it for only 80 rubles. in hour This is almost five times cheaper than on the boulevard itself, although it takes five minutes to get there on foot.

By the way, where the tariffs rise, it will also be possible to save. For example, it was decided to raise prices on Tikhvinskaya Street and nearby Vadkovsky Lane. The price here will grow to almost the maximum of 380 rubles. in hour. But on nearby streets and lanes, the fare will remain the same – 50 rubles. for the first half hour and then 150 rubles. on time. So, if you often stop in these parts, keep in mind: the opportunity to save money will remain.

Maximum – 450

The tariff corridor will not change from December 24 – the price of parking will remain within 40-450 rubles. But some changes will still occur. In particular, there will be more parking lots for local residents – only holders of residence permits can stop at such places, and the rest cannot stay there even for money. Now there are already 1.8 thousand such places in Moscow, and their number will grow.

Let me remind you that a residence permit can be issued to those who live on the street with paid parking. Free permits allow you to stand in paid parking lots from 20:00 to 08:00. In order to park for free the rest of the time, you need to pay 3 thousand rubles. in the year. Moreover, you can stand without paying this money not only on your street, but also within the district limits. In the Tverskoy district, for example, this includes the area around the Kremlin and the streets near the Novoslobodskaya metro station, and many other addresses.

Parking will be cheaper on 27th streets

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin recently signed a decree simplifying some operations with residence permits. First, now it will be easier to renew them: two months before the expiration date, a notification with a reminder will be sent to your personal account on the mos.ru website and by email. To request a new permit, simply click the notification button once, and the renewal request will automatically disappear, and the new permit will be ready within one business day.

In addition, the life of large families will be easier. They have the right to park for free in all streets with paid parking. The term for issuing parking permits that grant this right has been reduced by half, from six to three business days. In addition, the permit will no longer be valid for three years, but while the family has the status of large family, that is, until the youngest child turns 16 or 18 (for schoolchildren).



You can see the full list of streets where parking prices will change on the Moscow transport portal.

You can apply for a resident parking permit and find out what documents are needed for this on the website of the Moscow City Council.

You can see a map with all the streets with paid parking on the website of the “Moscow Parking Space Manager”.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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