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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Once Akunin came up with a game from Fandorin – our columnist about the series “Azazel”

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 10:54:28

Vladislav Tiron and Mila Ershova in the TV series Fandorin. Azazel”. Photo: Kinopoisk

Once Akunin really came up with a Fandorin game. The country, artificially deprived of the aristocracy, upon reaching the stately level of income and education, wanted its failed gallant age. In the 70s there was not a coachman’s granddaughter who did not imagine herself at the governor’s ball, there was not a shoemaker’s son who did not dream of a ten-step duel. Akunin was then the translator of Chkhartishvili, he studied playful versions and, like all translators, thought up better endings for badly translated novels. It was he who created the game: accessible to the democratic masses and invulnerable to the arrows of archival ground beetles. With a hero straight out of the Fantômas saga, and therefore obviously not real, the sly detective-style parody was a hit.

Then came the generation of fools, it’s also the generation of zoom. Zoomers wanted nothing to do with anyone but themselves, shunned heroes over the age of eighteen, and lost the thread of any story, no matter where the measure of iPhone awesomeness began. From Hollywood, they heard something about Russian socialism and autocracy, but they did not know how to change the character of the characters depending on the century and did not want to, so the prose of the fallen flourished (“I am like that in captivity of the Chekists” and “I am like that at the dance with gum behind the cheek”), in which skillful adults earned money from the films “The Last Hero”, “Serf” and “Naughty” . The star of the hit was actor Khorinyak, whose Blooming innocence made it possible not to feel like a stranger either at the prince’s party or in the dungeons of the Holy Synod.

And yet, at a strange party, it was nonsense – they had to be built according to other people’s rules, which the zoomers did not want at all. It was better to transfer the ceremonies and uniforms to yourself, assuming that in the 17th

the Bolsheviks ruined it, but the monarchy in Rus did not stop and continues today. And since the young people themselves do not know how to invent anything, but “float” in the story, they take someone else’s prose, other people’s designs and other people’s heroes to rewrite them. Completely killing all the charm of playing noble retro with sneakers, hot dogs and suddenly the appropriate word “trash”. Akunin doesn’t care, because he runs out of every adaptation of him like a schoolboy. The “spy novel” that our bodies are a gang of mediocre cretins turned into a film about a handsome Chekist hero, to whom a cornflower-blue-eyed girl forgives the Great Terror and gives birth to a heroic son. And? Akunin purred and asked for more. Here is the supplement.

From the novel “Azazel” about a fascist sect of gifted orphans seizing world government, science, art and finance, came a film about how Tsar Nicholas III cheats on his wife with a bottle (not in the wrong sense, he only drinks), Fandorin turns into a shy jerk , chistodel Brilling – pontyarshchik, ducks – turkeys, and bald – curly. Interested people on the network tried to complete at least some logic, clarifying: if Nikolai is the Third, then who ruled before, was there a war, and how does the post-industrial get along with the absolute monarchy? Not realizing that logic is alien to the generation of fools, but thinks in terms of Yeralash magazine:

– And let’s put Pushkin on skis? He is funny!

– And we will send Stolypin into space with Fantômas! And Tarantino to look out the window from outside!

– And in the Ice Battle, let the knights fight with transformers! Hahaha!

The joke, so that everyone knows, has a short duration (on “Yeralash” – one and a half minutes). And when it lasts for hours, with young bad actors and for some reason forced to make faces at the old, they want to destroy the democratic education system through the targeted genocide of the guilty. Because the amoeba generation will follow the fools. These words will be completely forgotten.

PS If anyone is interested, it was the two Popovs who came up with it: Sergey and Nikita, and the girls from the nest of producer Alexander Tsekalo Nelidov, Remizova and Filipuk, who, in the absence of their boss, went on an autonomous journey . , but it would be better not to go out. The original projects “End of the World”, “Close Gestalt” and “Monastery” are clearly focused on the most brainless young gopniks and adopt their cheeky attitude towards gods, demons and now popular detectives. In the role of the king, Maxim Matveev (who else), Fandorin – Vladislav Tiron, but I’m not sure if anyone needs this information. Junk in space and so crowded.



Dir. Nurbek Egen.


Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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