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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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One eye left: Zhanna Aguzarova surprised the audience with another eye lift

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 01:55:07

Zhanna Aguzarova, 61, looks new again. The singer rarely attends public events, so there are many rumors about her. They like to write that Aguzarova lives in seclusion: she does not communicate with anyone, she does not sing anywhere, etc. She sings at private events and earns money; she just strictly prohibits advertising it on social media. And there are many such artists. For example, Valery Leontyev often visits Moscow: he sees friends and performs with hunting reserves. But there has been no news about his performances and there won’t be any on social media, unless there is an unexpected “leak,” as was the case with Leontyev’s concert earlier this year. Not all artists are prepared to lead an open lifestyle: social networks, television, interviews. But this does not mean that they became hermits. Aguzarova sings at private events: the fee starts at 2 million rubles and can be higher (depending on the format and region of the performance). This week Zhanna Aguzarova appeared at the Muz-TV awards, where she received the award for “Legend Timeless.” She sang, danced and asked: “Come to my concerts!” Artists don’t do anything by chance, which means the award is a warm-up before the “legend” returns.

Upon closer inspection, you notice that the singer’s left eye is covered with an adhesive strip used by plastic surgeons. And Anya’s eyes are simply attracted.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV. Go to Photobank KP

Aguzarova lost weight and changed again. The singer, who will celebrate her 62nd birthday in July, looks pretty good. But then we got too close to the singer and were shocked: only one eye looked at us from under the glasses, and the second (left) was covered with a bandage with a plaster on which the eye was drawn… Zhanna hard. She wrapped a scarf around her neck and made sure she didn’t slip.

Among the crowd of spectators they whispered: she looks like a “catwoman” – this is the colloquial name for those whose plastic surgery results were not very successful and, as a result, their facial features changed. Aguzarova hid her eyes from her, but she looked young: skin without serious age-related changes from her: no wrinkles, no folds, no ptosis. There are no miracles: age-related changes will affect everyone. But some eliminate them through operations and procedures.

We reviewed the latest photos and videos of Zhanna Aguzarova from June 14, 2024 with a plastic surgeon: Ivan Volodchenkov told how the artist’s face changed.

Ivan Volodchenkov, a plastic surgery expert from Roszdravnadzor in Moscow and the Moscow region, told KP.RU:

– Most likely, the singer had a facelift in the middle third of her face. There are no traces of recent surgery, but relative to her age, the middle third of her face is in fairly good condition. Visually, she can determine the area of ​​the incisions in the anterior region of the ear, that is, according to all indirect signs, there was still a lift. But she was there at least a year or a year and a half ago. In general: the middle third is quite well worked. At the same time, the singer carefully hides the lower third of her face and neck under a huge scarf. Apparently because this area was not treated at all, or the result after the facelift was not what the patient expected.

Plastic surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov observed the artist’s new face with a professional eye

Photo: Personal archive.

If you look closely, flesh-colored adhesive strips appear under the artist’s glasses. These stickers are used by plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Here we can only assume several options for the development of events. Or these are the consequences of an aggressive cosmetic procedure in the periorbital area (around the eyes), such as an option for radiofrequency lifting, which is now fashionable and cosmetologists actively promote this procedure as a supposed alternative to blepharoplasty. Or laser rejuvenation of the periorbital area, which subsequently caused complications that surgeons were already struggling with. Or it could be an aggressive blepharoplasty technique, as a result of which complications arose in the early postoperative period, so it was necessary to perform a revision, that is, to take the patient back to the operating table. And look for the causes of bleeding, hematomas – this is the most dangerous complication after blepharoplasty in the early postoperative period. If the eye itself as a visual organ is not damaged, rehabilitation after complications can take from 3 to 4 months to six months. If the optic nerve or the eye is damaged, then ophthalmic surgeons must intervene.

Aguzarova 20 years ago


Another feature of the singer’s face is the fillers (injectable preparations, author’s note) on the lips, which are located asymmetrically. Most likely, a large volume of fillers have been introduced over a long period of time, which in some people migrates to other areas after 3, 5 or 7 years, so we get asymmetry. To do? In a good way: eliminate all this volume of fillers with special preparations. This can take from one month to six months, depending on the severity of the case. Fillers are then reinjected to eliminate the asymmetry and at least partially restore the volume the patient needs. This is a long and expensive procedure, so not all patients agree with it, but over time they still do it.

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