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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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One in six Russians receives more than $100,000 a month: who are these people and what do they pay that amount of money for?

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:03:39

Has autumn splashed some gray colors into your life? It’s drizzling hard outside and your mood is zero? Don’t know how to charge yourself with positivity on a gloomy October day? There is a way out! Open the official news about our labor market and you will immediately see how beautiful our life is, full of prospects and simple financial joys. And our unemployment is at an all-time low, wages are growing by leaps and bounds, and employers are fighting for you and me like elk for a doe’s favor in the middle of the fall rut.

And here you have another news from the same miracles section. The number of Russians who today receive at least 100,000 rubles a month amounts to 4.88 million people. Compared to 2021 (previous calculations were then made), the figure increased by 72%! This was calculated by experts from the FinExpertiza audit and consulting network based on data from Rosstat. It turns out that 17.4% of all working Russians receive more than one hundred thousand rubles a month, that is, about one in six. Two years ago there were only 10.3% of the “one hundred thousand”.

Where are these lucky ones? And this is where:

– A third of all Russians with a salary of 100,000 rubles or more live in Moscow; together with the Moscow region, this share reaches 38.7%. If we also add St. Petersburg and the two main oil and gas regions of the country, the Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs, it turns out that five regions represent 54% of all Russian workers with this level of labor income. , explains the president of FinExpertiza, Elena Trubnikova.

And one more drop of complaint in the salary ointment: oh, the wrong ones are now one hundred thousand, in our time… Due to inflation, the purchasing power of money is decreasing, so today’s 100 thousand rubles correspond to 83 thousand two. years ago. And another 100 thousand rubles today are only a thousand dollars.

But back to more pleasant numbers. The main reason for the explosive growth of the “one hundred thousandth” population is clearly and briefly described in the first paragraph: personnel shortage. Import substitution is spreading throughout the country, production is growing, personnel are needed in almost every industry, but there are not enough people for everyone. So employers have to raise wages to attract or retain employees.

The largest number of workers with a salary of 100 thousand or more is in the mining sector, almost half of them are there (for more details, see “Just the numbers”). And the smallest number of “hundreds of thousands” are engaged in agriculture. This is an example of the now fashionable discourse that food is our new oil. That may be true, but they still pay more for oil production (gas, nickel, iron ore) than for potatoes.


In which regions do they receive these salaries…?

Region and share of employees with a salary of 100 thousand rubles or more.

Chukotka 62.6%

Yamalo-Nenets OA 55.5%

Magadan region 50.8%

Nenets Autonomous Okrug 46.7%

Moscow 45%

Chechnya 2.6%

Dagestan 2.5%

Kabardino-Balkaria 2.3%

Ingushetia 2.3%

Kalmykia 2%

…and in what industries

Scope Proportion of employees with salaries of 100 thousand rubles or more.

Mining 45.4%

Finance and insurance 41.3%

Information and communication 41.1%

Scientific and technical activities 34%

Construction 29.7%

Water supply, waste management 8.6%

Culture, sports, entertainment 8.4%

Hospitality and restaurants 8.1%

Education 7.2%

Agriculture 7.2%

According to FinExpertiza.

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Puck Henry
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