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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Opened a portal to all circles of hell: Ukrainians hunted Irina Shayk and snow in the net because they are Russians

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 10:03:26

Irina Shayk received a bit of negativity and a lot of money for this ad campaign. Photo: social networks Zara

A new scandal in the fashion world. On social networks, aggressive Ukrainian users began to poison the Spanish brand Zara. There are two reasons: first, its new clothing collection was advertised by Irina Shayk, then the brand’s Christmas advertising campaign was reinforced with frames with models against the background of snow-capped mountains. In social networks they decided: Zara hinted sympathy for the Russians. There are two reasons for such conclusions: one is surprising, the second is obvious. So: the snow in the mountains looks Russian, the top model Irina Shayk is Russian. It should be noted that the aggressive and negative comments on the social networks of the brand and Irina Shayk were written mainly in Ukrainian, most of them have already been deleted. The provocation of the scandal only increased interest in the collection: many users from different countries assured that they would surely order a gift from Zara in online stores.

Evening dresses like Shake are now flying like hotcakes. Photo: social networks Zara

We can now buy Zara brand clothing in several marketplaces. They don’t have a new collection yet. But buyers offer delivery from abroad. Evening dresses (as on Irina Shayk) – 5 – 6 thousand rubles each; sweaters (as on models) – 4 – 5 thousand each. Stars while on vacation in the United Arab Emirates or other countries now show off after buying bags with things from Zara (the brand came out of Russia). Recently, Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina have shopped at Zara.

The bots with claims reached the social networks of the brand Zara and Irina Shayk. Photo: social networks Zara

Irina Shayk used to advertise luxury brands, the story with the most affordable clothing advertising company Zara is her first. According to experts, for this advertising campaign, Shake could earn from $200,000 (12.6 million rubles) to $300,000 (19 million rubles). Sheik lives and develops a career in the US, earns a lot of money. According to the latest Forbes ranking of wealthy celebrities, Shayk earns $6.9 million (437 million rubles) a year. Aggressive provocateurs from social networks rarely, but poison Irina for her origins.

The photographer photographed the models at a European resort. But even here they saw – “Krasnaya Polyana”. Photo: social networks Zara

After the latest mini-scandal, producer Yana Rudkovskaya defended Russian top models. Rudkovskaya is outraged on her Telegram channel: “Zara posted a photo of Irina Shayk on a prohibited social network and reopened the portal to all circles of hell at once. Last time we saw the same frenzy in Zara’s comments under Natasha Vodianova’s photos. Angry, ugly, offensive, misleading comments. Two world top models living abroad who never renounced their origin, their language, their culture. And despite the fact that both are silent about the special operation: they both have their own lives and their own great careers, far from political statements. To hate them, it is enough that they are Russian. To people who still say that there is no Russophobia in the field of fashion, I recommend that you pay attention. Although, to paraphrase the classic-he who does not understand, he will not understand … “.

Snow and nature in the advertising campaign for the new collection of clothes were considered “Russian”. Photo: social networks Zara

However, there was no big scandal. While bots on social media were urging not to buy the brand’s items, actual social media users began to complain that Zara’s popular clothing sizes from the new collection are falling apart too quickly.

Sweaters from the new collection can be purchased for 4-5 thousand rubles. Photo: social networks Zara


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