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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Opened in Yekaterinburg a modern laboratory for selection control of milk quality KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 23:06:56

The main objective is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of regional dairy production, to obtain reliable data both for herd management and to use the collected information to calculate the domestic genomic breeding value index of cows.

– We are not a laboratory created to supervise the quality of milk. Agricultural producers do not come to us for a formal certificate for reporting. They want to get reliable data on the health and productivity of each animal in the herd, competent advice from specialists and, as a result, increase the efficiency of breeding work on the farm, Roman Pavlenko, general director of the laboratory group, told the correspondent from RG.

At the time of the solemn ribbon-cutting, work in the laboratory was already in full swing. Two days before the opening ceremony, experts examined more than four thousand samples delivered by representatives of Ural farms. And immediately after the presentation, laboratory assistants subjected test tubes with milk from cows from the Novopyshminsky breeding farm to the tape of the robotic equipment. The employees of the agricultural company brought almost a hundred samples for investigation. As soon as the machine introduces the pipette into the milk sample, within a couple of seconds, data on 13 quality indicators appears on the monitor screen. And not only the basic ones: fat and protein content, but also the signaling of the animal’s health, the quality of the feed used.

– For manufacturers of the Ural Federal District, the proximity of a laboratory of this level will solve a number of problems, in particular logistical: the laboratory is located on the Yekaterinburg Ring Road, near the intersection of several federal highways. And the accessibility of transport will help to maintain the quality of milk samples delivered for research, to avoid their acidity, especially in the hot season, – Roman Barsamyan, head of the laboratory for selection control of milk quality, explained the details and relevance of the new control object. .

The Sverdlovsk region now has the largest breeding herd in the Ural Federal District – 55,000 cows. The region is among the top ten in the country in terms of various indicators of milk productivity. There are at least 80,000 breeding cows in the neighboring regions. Therefore, the control procedure is especially important.

– The project is certainly interesting, despite the fact that the Urals are traditionally considered an industrial region. Feed quality and selection play a decisive role in the economics of milk production. The appearance of a modern laboratory on the market will stimulate competitive production and bring dairy production in the region to a new level, – says Elena Stafeeva, executive director of the NP “Ural Union of Cattle Breeders”.

Specialists from the group of laboratories agree that the Urals are a promising site. Not only pedigree cattle breeding is developed here, but also scientific research is actively carried out to develop this area.

– The laboratory will help increase the efficiency of farms, as well as bring the work of creating the Russian genetic genome of Russian cows to a qualitatively new level, since its development largely depends on reliable phenotypic data that will be obtained in the new lab. Roman Pavlenko is sure.


“Agroplem” was founded in 2018 with the aim of creating a unique service for all types of agricultural companies. In December, the company received the status of resident of the Skolkovo innovation center and became part of the Agrobiotech cluster. Since then, the cluster has functioned as a laboratory and research center. Here they develop a genomic assessment of the reproductive qualities of cows based on their own database of highly reliable data on milk productivity. The database was collected during three years of work in 27 regions of the central part of Russia.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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