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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Operation in bulletproof vests: surgeons removed a mine fuse from the leg of a NWO fighter

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:45:17

Bulletproof vests in this operational necessity: the final fuze of a 122mm mine can easily injure multiple people

– We pay attention to the object itself during the operation. There has already been a similar case. Anything can be assumed. We do not expect to find something dangerous for us. First of all, we rush to save the patient’s life. When they found this item, there was no fear. This is our regular job, – a military surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service Vitaly Ivanov, told reporters after removing his bulletproof vest.

“The patient was delivered with multiple shrapnel wounds to the soft tissues of both legs and a penetrating wound to the abdominal cavity to the Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov (St. Petersburg). When the doctors removed the bandage and opened the wound in the soft tissues of the right shin, they saw a fuse that could detonate at any moment,” the Russian Defense Ministry commented on the images of the operation.

Bulletproof vests are a must in this operation: the final fuse of a 122mm mine can easily injure multiple people.

Saving lives with bulletproof vests is doubly difficult. Especially when you realize that with a single movement you can activate a mine fuse that has settled in a muscle. But the military doctors carried out the operation normally. To date, the patient’s condition does not cause concern among doctors.

In the practice of Vitaly Ivanov, such an operation is not the first.

Last fall, surgeons in bulletproof vests removed part of a mine from the body of junior sergeant Nikolai Pasenko.

During the explosion of a mortar mine, the cane separated from it. This part of it with a stabilizer has become an independent ammunition with “feathering”. Like a dart, she hit the soldier in the shoulder. The injury could be fatal. But she was saved.

“The fighter was “born in a T-shirt,” the Defense Ministry told KP.


There are cases when military personnel were hit by three-kilogram mortar mines. They hit the body, but did not explode.

One such case took place in the Leningrad region during the Great Patriotic War. Near Pogostya, Red Army soldier Nikolai Bystrikov was wounded in the shoulder by a mortar mine. The “baby-sized” mine crushed his humerus, pierced his shoulder and broke his left thigh.

This incident was reported on March 13, 1942 by the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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