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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Opinion | The man from Mercadona and the minister who is out of tune

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 18:05:24

The rich always provoke in others a certain antipathy or suspicion. We “like” the rich for what they have, but we distrust them for who they are. Given the side effects of money, the rich are graced with a certain predictable arrogance, and sometimes even a certain unmistakable foolishness, which is fostered by that abundance of heritage and wealth. It is not easy to be rich and at the same time a good person. They have it more complicated, without a doubt. The metallic shell of the “money, money” that they carry prevents them from escaping with ease and availability. The poor, on the other hand, are more accessible and travel light. On top of that, we are a bit good because we cannot be anything else.

Sometimes, we become creditors of a material happiness that attracts us out of curiosity, just to show off, but not out of true necessity. However, when we spot a rich, rich person in the distance, we are always triggered by filthy envy. It’s something almost sick, and I’m not telling you if you’re from Podemos anymore, they are so detached and at the same time so in need of sticking their finger in someone else’s eye of the businessman who does what they will never do: create wealth, create jobs, and contribute to society, in addition to many taxes, something more than permanent political anger and a few laws that destroy rather than build.

If on top of that you are lucky enough to be a daring girl and a friend of the boss, surely you will win the well-paid position in the lottery hype -given merits and resume- of minister of social affairs. Then in the campaign you will have to do merits and antics to stand on your toes and not make a fool of yourself in the face of elections that could be tremendous for Podemos, according to the polls. All this about the damn rich and the difficult ministers who have not given a stick to the water, comes a story from the words of Ione Belarra against Juan Roig, who is not my uncle, but the president of Mercadona.

The head of Social Rights has accused Roig of being a “ruthless capitalist” and of taking advantage of him and all businessmen in general, of the crisis to “fill their pockets indecently.” It is shocking, not to say that it is foolish, to freely insult anyone who contributes more than you do to social good, and especially companies like Mercadona that give direct employment to 95,000 people, or like Amancio Ortega and his Inditex to 165 ,00 workers. What has Minister Belarra done to date to highlight so much and accuse the work of businessmen with extreme cynicism? The answer is known to everyone.

Has she been an entrepreneur of something and has created a minimum job so that other people could work and get rich with her efforts, or has she preferred to thrive within a political party, whose main objective is to impoverish the system so that the State controls it almost do? In Belarra’s curriculum, the main data appears as a dalliance as a professional speed skater, a training scholarship at the Ministry of Equality at the time of José Ignacio Wert as minister, a pre-doctoral contract and a very brief work experience at the Red Cross and in Aid to the Refugee; from there she joined Podemos in 2018 at the hands of her “friend” Irene Montero. At least the latter has worked in a supermarket and can exude a more justified hatred against a cashier employee. Not like that, Belarra, lately she doesn’t even go shopping at the supermarket.

Everyone knows that Belarra and Podemos are already in the campaign and need to excite the meninges of the extreme left, doing voodoo to the businessmen, so that their acolytes do not flee or stay at home fed up with being dizzy, but they are not solve any of your problems. They accuse Roig of the prices, but the Executive is unable to lower the VAT on meat, or fish, or preserves. For benefits that fell from heaven, the extraordinary taxes that this government takes every day and, above all, some members of this government who in their lives would receive nothing like it.

This social-communist coalition, which finds itself lost and disoriented, only knows how to react by blaming others and wanting to curb inflation by introducing more politics into the economy: interventionism and price controls translate into shortages, mere business. But of course, what do Manuela Carmena and the others know that these experts in “child pride” don’t already know? They know everything and they invent what they don’t know.

Juan Roig, who, as I say, is not my uncle or my cousin, he is just a man who makes life happy for me and for millions of Spaniards doing what he knows best, and selling me what he has best, has not wanted to wrinkle before ignorance or nor, I insist, in the face of “childish arrogance”, and he has given his version at the Europe Forum of how a normalized society works (that is, nothing politicized, nothing Venezuelan): “Entrepreneurs are the ones who generate wealth and well-being, and if later, those who have to manage know how to do it, there is wealth for everyone and if not, there is confrontation.” Whoever wants to understand that he understands, and whoever doesn’t, buy a kilo of oranges in Mercadona and make a juice that also has a lot of vitamins.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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