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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Opinion | The old art of badmouthing your party (on TV or radio)

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:34:42

Macarena Olona was wrong… the dove was wrong, for going to the south thinking it was the north, or vice versa. Macarena Olona made a mistake and crashed into the bar cabinet of her vanity. She could not resist the temptation to continue flying while she fed her ego and her pride in a television program that, precisely, she dedicated herself to insulting and despising every day in her parliamentary sessions. Olona has been portrayed and quite mocked for cursing the pianist all the time, to later marry him while she buys him a new piano and asks him to continue playing the usual melody.

What will Jordi Évole give them or what will he have to hunt or fish in a troubled river for those conflicting guests of politics and get them to surrender at his feet, and on top of that they fall like giddy flies in a honeycomb that looks more like ‘burundanga’ than rich honey, due to the harmful effects they cause in the interested party. The one who has changed her position and ideas has been her, Olona, ​​the interviewer continues to set her pace and show her hunting trophies. It will be necessary to recognize the cunning of Évole who took advantage of the interview to review, even, the novel issues of the Spanish Civil War. Instead she, Macarena, swallowed a few toads, pretending to be Swedish instead of the very Spanish she always presumes to be.

Olona is not the only one who has gone through the rack of revenge, there is also Iván Redondo, for example. The famous political adviser became director of the Sánchez Presidency cabinet in Moncloa until the president himself -surprisingly- got fed up with his and his company’s fine theories, kicked him and sent him back home of the. To the point that in his day we also saw Redondo sing La Traviata at Évole’s.

However, before his interview in La Sexta we thought we were going to see the “two zero points” reincarnation of Machiavelli, but the sad figure of the Moncloa adviser broke down in front of the cameras and was stunned by Évole’s questions and some chess pieces that he swallowed by himself. It will be the things of ‘losing’ or the things that provoke political vendettas that, mixed with sad vanity, destroy all those who invoke them. Redondo passed without pain or glory; “Maquia-Évole” continues to herd heads, and Olona is dispatched leaving a certain taste of treason.

After seeing Macarena acting as a sad widow of Vox and speaking ill of her deceased former party, one comes to the conclusion that the former deputy, another lady of arms to take up, only seeks prominence and, above all, to settle accounts with her ex comrades of seats and acronyms to whom they do not forgive that they “mandated or deceived” her, putting her on the way to the south with the Chinese tale that you are worth a lot and in Andalusia you will be the Moorish queen of the vice presidency of the Junta. To then, at the moment of truth, stay out of the game eating the silly soup that the smart Juanma Moreno Bonilla, also known as Moreno “Nocilla” endorsed him at the polls.

Speaking of political “war” wounds, the radio ‘suicide’ of Pablo Casado has just been celebrated these days, on February 18, 2022, when -it is still not very clear why he went to the radio- the then leader of the PP he blew himself up allowing himself to be interviewed by Carlos Herrera at La Cope. Isabel Diaz Ayuso

From then on, the sword of Damocles began to fall on Casado, who no longer raised his head and ended up resigning from his position as president of the PP. These days people are discussing how those fateful nights of “broken glass” were. You can say what you want, but it was Casado himself who put on the blindfold and then on the rope. Casado never had to reach the presidency of the PP, it was the carambola, the final rebound between Cospedal and Soraya, the hatred between the two women of the PP that raised the former and turned him into the accidental leader who was not by nature, nor by age, nor by capacity, nor by intelligence, nor by cunning, nor by whatever you want.

The tangible proof of his big mistakes is in two clear examples: from the first moment he was very suspicious of the leaders of his own party -especially Ayuso- and I trust everything to the decisions -mostly mistakes- of Teodoro García Egea, former secretary general of the PP, and the man who destroyed the party inside and out. Casado’s fall from grace earned him a pulse because he did not know how to lead a party like the PP. Now, some whine because no one helped him, but it was Casado himself who was most determined to drown in his own fish tank, no matter how much later his team ran to join Feijóo. Not only did they come together, but they had to joyfully celebrate the essential change.

The same thing happened, years before, with Pedro Sánchez and his fratricidal fight with the PSOE. But the latter had another chance and took advantage of it; he has greater ability to overcome himself and much more cunning than his rivals. That is why he is in the government. On the other hand, Pablo Casado’s team turned out to be so clumsy that some like García Egea ended up vomiting their wounds in the style of Macarena Olona in the Sixth, but without so much pedigree: Teodoro was not interviewed by Évole, he was content to pour out his “vengeance on the chinito with Ana Pastor.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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