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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Opinion | The pride of ignorance

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 20:07:45

The advent in recent times, in the spheres of power, of polyptychs that have curricula that are only populated by their respective YeXP parties with zero or insignificant work experience, has led to the creation of self-proclaimed leaders of modernity in the direction of public administration. , who are unaware of the effort, dedication and work necessary to access public employment as a career civil servant, not as an elected public office.

ACCESS TO PUBLIC OFFICE THROUGH Elections, although it allows that, in a democratic way, he can be appointed deputy (and therefore a notoriously recognizable person, gone for his merits). all a danger to society, because they are a time bomb as far as the field of ideas is concerned.

In this way, the power of the people is as capable of choosing the best manager as the popular or populist manager of the ministry to which he has been assigned). The Greek “demos” that we have inherited establishes a system in which we can all choose our rulers, proposing that, in the abstract, it will allow the best representation of society, since the majority will decide which is the best representative of it.

However, in practice, democracy is greatly affected, in its operation and development, when the appointment of the manager to direct certain public affairs does not fall on a sensible decision by the voters to appoint the most capable, but rather the most popular and inexperienced, ignoring the merits of one and the other.

It is noted, therefore, that although in democracy the principle of representativeness governs the concept of suitability. Thus, just as companies did not establish a democratic election procedure among the active population of the country to hire their workers, directors, or managers, the same thing happens in the Public Administration.

Due to the lowering of the opposition, the populist managers are proposing promotion, without effort or demonstration of ability

Doctors, teachers, police officers, judges, inspectors, are not elected by popular consultation to all Spaniards to see who will be the town’s doctor, the magistrate of a province, or the inspector of large companies. The criterion of suitability prevails, it must be proven, both in the company and in the public function, the capacity, knowledge and merits of each person for the exercise of the corresponding public employment. And, of course, that is where the reviled concepts of study and effort come into play, key characteristics for a person’s intellectual development.

It will be that these ideas do not interest the political managers of a Public Administration nurtured by civil servants who had to study and strive to reach the position they held, since the discredit that merit and capacity have been given lately has no limits. Thus, to the lowering of the level of opinions, the populist managers are proposing the promotion, without effort or demonstration of capacity, of certain officials, employees who will be grateful for the gift of being considered superiors by the work and grace of certain politicians who they despise study and intelligence.

We walk badly in a society in which part of the democratically elected representatives pervert the law to put black on white, that more beneficial and useful is the servile behavior of flattering power to promote us, which demonstrates one’s own merits objectively. Therefore, those who need help will prosper through a law that baptizes them as a “superior” body, instead of demonstrating their knowledge and through an exam that they do not take due to fear or lack of desire, and we will attend the pride of the ignorance.

It will remain, as a result, that those who still value the “uselessness” of the study and the effort continue to defend the importance of a fair, objective and alien system to political interests, for access to public employment and their promotion within it, since Otherwise, cronyism and compadreo will prevail, which do a disservice to the rule of law, in a society dominated by arrogant ignoramuses.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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