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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Opinion | The Tamames thing and the three heavy ‘egos’ of the hemicycle

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 07:10:08

Montaigne, a great lover of wisdom and living life sensibly, said that “No one is free to say stupid things, the bad thing is to say them with emphasis.” Yesterday and today in the Congress of Deputies many emphatic phrases are being heard, many high-flying bells; If they are also stupid or not, I leave that to the discretion of the listener or viewer because in matters of political likes and dislikes, nothing has been written. Although I would say that at least some nonsense was heard this Tuesday in the San Jerónimo race. Nothing new either, on the other hand.

However, the story revolves around Tamames, Don Ramón, that man over 89 years of age who has become the pim pam pum of all fireworks and media fairs thanks to the insane occurrences of Santiago Abascal, leader from Vox, and from the writer Fernando Sánchez Dragó, 86 years old, who has been the effervescent muñidor of the crazy proposal. I say crazy because the RAE defines this term as something that “goes against reason, prudence or common sense”. That being said, there is also a lot of talk these days about the big ego that Tamames sports; that “super-ego” that according to the connoisseurs does not fit in the chair of the hemicycle and that they will have to sit next to in a rocking chair.

That is one of its most popular faculties; the other, that Don Ramón is in good health when it comes to speaking and when it comes to billing and making cash for anything that moves and affects him. Perhaps as any son of a neighbor would do. But a question arises: has Vox paid Ramón Tamames an amount of money for his services rendered in this motion and for the speech that he had to prepare and offer yesterday Tuesday in Congress? Last week on Telemadrid, in the ‘120 minutes’ program, we discussed this question with the journalists who were there. Most believe that this was unthinkable, that Tamames cannot charge for this, that he has done this “favor” to Vox gratis et amore. With time we will leave doubts.

That walking ego that we talked about before, and that is giving Don Ramón so much joy, but not Santiago Abascal, is very similar in size and shape to the enormous concentrated ego that Fernando Sánchez Dragó uses since his youth and television days in which he talked about books and tantric sex. Dragó, a friend of Abascal, wanted to be the caliph instead of the caliph, but he held back in the first instance in honor of the ego of his friend Tamames, and the bad thing is that those of Vox, cheerful and happy in their political limbo, bought him the proposal to Dragó, who was more or less satisfied but unable to inject more vanity into his particular ego. Dragó could well have been the replacement for Tamames, the egocentric perimeter would cover the same coordinates.

The truth, recognized even by the people of Vox, is that the greens have gotten into this mess of proposing a motion of no confidence to make noise, which is the same thing that annoying children do when they get bored to get the attention of others. the others, because in the party and everywhere they know that they are not going to eat a single buck with this motion, and so at least they will do some ‘noisiness’ by ringing the bicycle bell. Vox has even baffled its voters with the Tamames invention, and although green voters don’t say much about experiments with soda, they don’t like it very much. They prefer things serious and well ironed, and not the sudden swagger of a cool March morning.

What does a man like that do in a party like this, even if it is only an occasional spokesman or an accidental speaker? Well, the same thing that Sánchez Dragó and his Japanese velvet ego do conspiring in a Madrid seafood restaurant with Abascal and his fine plumber, Kiko Méndez Monasterio, a man of complete confidence. Three gangs gave birth to the invention and then Dragó sat in his house at the gayola door with Tamames, and in a romp of egos with ice and whiskey this Kafkaesque story of paranormal and political phenomena was born.

The good thing about being years old is that you can afford to say everything you think because you’re back from everything and you don’t have to prove anything. We have seen it with Tamames messing with the “20-page billet” of the president’s speech, and we have read it verbatim from Sánchez Dragó and his well-honed self-esteem: “What does it mean to have an ego? That you have character. If you are true to yourself and you have character, they accuse you of being egocentric. Well, yes, I am guilty, long live the ego! Tamames would not have gotten this far without ego and I would not have written 53 books.” In short, ‘I absolve you’…

Everyone, even the antagonists who love Vox, are clear that this apparent vote of no confidence is mere television entertainment, a bell for the cat and a floral offering to Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, who together with the two heavy egos de Tamames y Dragó, has also had the opportunity to take his shining tilting ego for a walk in the hemicycle of Carrera de San Jerónimo. Let’s not get our hopes up, the fish is already sold and no one has eaten it. Tamames continues the same as before but with his chest more upright, Abascal and Sánchez waiting for Godot, and Feijóo from the countryside and the beach because this party does not go with him, according to him and his people. All very predictable, all very expendable. Someone invent something new because if he doesn’t come back ‘Tito Berni’ and the “law of yes is yes”.

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Puck Henry
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