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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Opinion|Nightmares on Moncloa Street… The Last One to Turn Off the Light

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 23:36:28

It will be necessary to remember, because he does not and will not do it, that on May 28 Pedro Sánchez crashed into some ballot boxes that he himself wanted to turn into a plebiscite on his person; a mistake, a huge mistake, as the classics would say, and that could take a bigger toll on him in the second part of this nightmare on Moncloa street. The president is trying to adjust some pieces – all seem few – to break the spell of the electoral and political disaster suffered on 28-M. What does not change one iota is his insistent and somewhat worn-out style of continuing to practice voodoo on the head of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and incidentally giving him a double helping of insults every day. Now we are already in the pre-campaign and here there are slaps for all tastes and scares.

Normally, it is the party that is in opposition that hoses down the most to muddy the ground. But in the case that concerns us and with Sánchez on the device, the opposite happens. The Government and himself at the head have been practicing a constant attack and a furious discredit to the opposition, mainly to Feijóo. In principle, an executive has never been seen who so eagerly practices such a polarizing and cainite strategy, and so insistent on the other hand; that he despises everyone who doesn’t applaud his outspoken far-left position. Usually, the one who is ruling and holds power should have greater control and a sense of State, something that sanchismo does not fulfill under any of its appearances.

Within this new phase of attacks on the enemy, the president also wants to do with his “former” political friend, Yolanda Díaz, what pigeons do with monuments, fill them with excrement, but without destroying them completely, lest they tomorrow he needs to take shelter under his shadow or perch on his blonde head to set up from there another political coalition scheme with the extreme left, the ERC separatists and those highly respected, at least by Sánchez, Bildu partners.

Perhaps for this reason, he uses Nadia Calviño’s camouflaged submarine – the only one who, despite burning more and more every day, is not yet scorched, it will be because she does not have a PSOE card -, to attack Yolanda Díaz and say of her that she has not done anything special in all these five years. That the merit belongs to herself, the great Nadia Calviño, and to the no less great socialist government, and not to that lady who goes to the council of ministers on Tuesdays to hang out, without doing anything useful, not even the labor reform, nor the rise of the SMI, nothing at all, nor anyone like Nadia.

It is seen that in this life, except for beauty, everything is contagious, including the notorious arrogance of Sánchez. The 28-M has already been more than accredited that the image of the socialist president does not sell, what is more, it produces a certain rejection; and since they don’t have anyone better they put Nadia, who is not from the PSOE and they don’t want to be either… at least for now, until the time comes and the dance of applicants for the succession begins, although Nadia’s behavior no longer surprise no one. Suddenly the war between vice presidents is inaugurated… Calviño only needs to say that she with Yolanda Díaz in the Executive could not sleep peacefully, nor take a nap at ease. As in her day we anticipate her admired boss. The follow-up practiced by many ministers shows the great fear that Sánchez inspires in them and the scarce variety of interesting and creative ideas that are in his heads.

As much as he now wants to dress her in an ermine, nobody like Calviño knows that Spain is not doing well, especially if Sánchez says so, who can say the same thing and the opposite in half an hour. Spain is not doing well, and I am not saying it, the economic data is saying it. That its fall in inflation is halted does not mean that its other nightmare is not sinking: the leading indicator, which continues there without giving up; and it is something very different from the accounts going well for everyone or just for a few. Nor does it mean much that Sánchez roars and says that the economy “is going like a motorcycle.” And if not, ask the Spanish middle class if the wallet and purse thing is going from strength to strength like a motorcycle… or rather like a pedal motorcycle. Let’s be realistic even if it hurts, it will always be better to be able to rectify: we are still the country with the most unemployment in the European Union, above Greece, and we will no longer be able to deal with young Spaniards and their terrible future. We will have to do more than fool ourselves, we will have to plan the future once and for all.

To improve things, at least for him, Sánchez has decided to ask Rodríguez Zapatero to advise him in these new elections. Something that he had been doing for some time, entering Moncloa quite frequently to whisper in the ear of the current president. This past Monday ZP boasted in the COPE before Carlos Herrera that Irene Montero is fantastic and that everything in Sánchez is wonderful, and that the latter pays a lot of attention to everything he tells him, despite his high arrogance, the latter is not Zapatero said it, but it is vox populi in the street and in any corner of Spain. Even Juan Luis Cebrián also announced on Monday in El País that “the PSOE deserves to go to the opposition to facilitate its return to centrality.” This is one of the many pearls that Cebrián stated in his article -“Complete penance”- that is worth reading carefully.

That in Moncloa they listen to ZP is very noticeable. Above all because they have returned to their old ways, to the strategy of “we are the best”, which Zapatero used a lot in his day and crashed shortly after. They remember: “Spain is in the Champions League of world economies,” said the president himself in September 2007. Then came what came, what happened happened, and the PSOE sank by a landslide. The Champions League was a More lies than were said in Zapatero’s time, but they were much fewer than the falsehoods heard in the last five years with Pedro Sánchez in Moncloa.

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