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Friday, January 27, 2023
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“Ordinary boys from the Russian hinterland perform miracles of heroism”: military commander Alexander Kots revealed the truth about the special operation mobilized in the trenches

Date: January 27, 2023 Time: 23:34:56

Alexander Kots summed up the year

Photo: Alexander KOTS


– Of course, the main event of the year is a special operation. Let’s start from the beginning, when the evacuation of residents began.

– I went to Donbass from Rostov, it was one of the last flights when planes were still flying. I went to the refugee accommodations. And then it seemed to me that this was an information operation. I didn’t know yet that we would launch a special military operation. Then there was a lot of talk that Ukraine had brought serious forces to the demarcation line, which was about to go on the offensive against Donbass.

The residents were evacuated before the outbreak of hostilities.


– When did you find yourself thinking for the first time about what special operations should be?

– I saw this buildup. But I did not imagine that we would start along such a wide front – from Chernobyl to Kherson. I thought that there would be a local operation to liberate Donbass. And this will be the end of all our involvement. Probably, this was even after the statement of the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, when he pronounced in one of his speeches that any attempt by Ukraine to resolve the territorial issue by force would be suppressed by the armed forces of the Federation. Russian. This was in 2021.

The author did not expect that we would launch an offensive along such a wide front – from Chernobyl to Kherson.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

– Then there was a meeting of the Security Council …

– I remember what the emotions were and the expectation of a speedy release. Donbass perceived it like this: finally! It was, if not euphoria, then such cautious optimism.


– Where were you the night the special operation was announced?

– In the Luhansk People’s Republic. That night I witnessed the attempt by Ukrainian troops to attack our bank of the Seversky Donets. Then they crossed the river, where the front line passed, two company tactical groups, they occupied two dominant heights. Even a few hours before the start of the special operation, the tanks drove them from these heights to the river. Maybe it was combat reconnaissance from the Ukraine. Perhaps this could be the beginning of the offensive of the Ukrainian army on the LNR. These were serious, tough fights.

How did you know it all started?

– After this attack was reflected, I went by car from Lugansk to Donetsk. As soon as we crossed the border, the Internet immediately appeared and “lightning” flew, the first videos – rockets fly, explode in Kyiv, someone is already conducting fakes about the mass landing of Russian troops in the Odessa region, about the landing of our troops in Nikolayevshchina from large landing ships … A complete feeling of the unreality of what is happening.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

– At what point did you find yourself thinking that the special operation would be prolonged?

– In Izium, probably. I sat there for almost two months. We quietly take settlements, and then, as if, we hit our heads. I was there for two months. And all this time we tried to take, the name of the place gives me chills, the village of Dolgenkoe. Either we get closer to it, or they will take us away from it. We thought that now we would approach Slavyansk from the north. And we did not even come close to the highway, which supplied the Izyum grouping of the enemy. And then it became clear that this was a window to Slavyansk, we were gradually running out of strength. This later resulted in a partial mobilization.

We thought that now we would approach Slavyansk from the north. And we did not even come close to the road that supplied the Izyum grouping of the enemy.

Photo: Alexander KOTS


– You were in the kyiv direction in March. Then it was decided to regroup the troops. That was the first time we heard this wording.

– I am not a military strategist, I am not a general of the General Staff, I do not see the whole picture. It seemed to me that it was possible to dig in and get defensive. But he had no idea what was happening in other directions. I did not always understand how things were in the Kharkiv region, the Kherson region; in general, there was a kind of terra incognita. Being in the place, we understood that, apparently, not everything was going smoothly in other directions either. And some forces need to be transferred there.

– They say a lot that the people fighting on the other side are the same Russians that we are. Or is it not yet?

– It seems to me that the aggressive nation-building of the past 8.5 years, which was built on extreme forms of Russophobia, on confrontation with an external enemy, has done its job. You enter the liberated cities, there ripples in the eyes of the yellow-black. In each park there is a monument to the defender of Batkivshchyna (defender of the fatherland – Ukrainian). Each school has a marble plaque with a dead ATO hero from this town. And this is paying off. These people do not consider themselves Russian.


– What else can you note positively on the basis of the actual year of the special operation?

– There were hints of the formation of a reconnaissance attack contour – when the scouts directly transmit the coordinates of the target to the gunners. It now only takes two minutes from target detection to impact. Previously, it was a huge long chain of reports that went first up and then down. When they gave the green light to the fire, there was nowhere to shoot.

There were hints of the formation of a reconnaissance attack contour, when the scouts directly transmit the coordinates of the target to the gunners.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

Finally we have our Lancet kamikaze drones, which are now destroying air defense systems, various radars and communications equipment. New opportunities have appeared – the very notorious Geranium-2, which terrifies the enemy.

We finally have significant attempts to identify enemy air defenses. We’ve recently started releasing fake targets for which it works. Something alpine immediately flies there.

When a person from civilian life falls into a trench, his life is turned upside down.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

– Not everything was in order with the mobilized.

“They have settled more or less. These are people with combat experience, several months at the front. A woman writes to me here: 150,000 trained mobilized people are sitting in Russia, why don’t they rotate without preparation, who are sitting at the front? I answer that those people who have been sitting at the front for two months, will still give odds to those who have been trained in Russia for two months.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

When a person from civilian life falls into a trench, knee-deep in mud and water, everything around him explodes, his life is turned upside down. Psychologically, you cannot be prepared for this. But gradually they get used to it and turn into real hardened warriors who already receive state awards, show miracles of heroism in the same direction as Ugledar. Ordinary guys from the Russian outback. And this, too, cannot but rejoice. If we draw historical parallels even further, the mobilized army won the Great Patriotic War. The professional army ended in 1941.


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