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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Outrage at the Zevra Festival: one euro to re-enter and three for the money from the bracelets

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 15:51:17

Festivals have become the great cultural claim of the summer. More and more cities are organizing their own days of concerts. Young people follow the day to day of all the dates and times of these to reserve those days and sell out the tickets within a few minutes of going on sale. The Zevra Festival, which is held in Cullera (Valencia), is one of the shows that has found its way, in just two years, among the most popular, with more than 150,000 people in its second year. In its latest edition, it has been in the news not only for the music, but for “violating the rights of consumers” as it denounced to FACUA. Leaving and re-entering the venue was penalized with one euro and all those who have wanted to recover the money preloaded on their bracelets have had to pay three euros.

The impositions that were put from this party have received such magnitude that the association defending the rights of consumers (FACUA) has filed a complaint against the promoter. Among the reasons that have motivated him to do so are the different obligations that this festival of the Valencian Community, held on the weekend of the general elections on July 23, would have taxes related to both the payment of extras as well as the prohibition of different activities, which have already been previously regulated by law.

Abusive payments at the Zevra Festival

In this sense, reference is made to the prohibition of accessing the place where it is held, in this case the Medusa Festival Venue, without any type of food or drink. But this is something that had been regularized a long time ago, since the entry does not require this consumption. But the problem begins with the imposition by the promoter of introducing a bracelet, that is, all festival attendees had to wear a bracelet that could be recharged before or during the festival to be able to consume.

This bracelet could be recharged as many times as the participants wanted to eat and drink. Despite this, and if there was excess money left in the bracelet, they had to pay three euros to return the rest. But there is no more time, the request was only allowed up to four days after the closing of the festival. Something for which the consumer defense organization of the Valencian Community has also denounced. Remember that they do not respect the rights and obligations of consumers.

In addition to these reasons, the Dosel Music Cullera organization imposed a clause related to access to the venue. In this, free entry and exit would not be allowed for any of the attendees, except if they paid for it. In this case, the participants of this great event would have to pay, if they wanted to leave the venue for a while, €15 for one day or €30 for three days. In this way, they would have permission to freely enter and exit it.

For all this, FACUA has taken the step to condemn this type of actions. Remember that it is a violation of both the rights and obligations of all consumers who attended the second edition of the Zevra Festival.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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