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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Participants of the “My mentor” project of the “United Russia Women’s Movement” from 19 regions presented the best social projects at the Mashuk knowledge center

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 10:52:53

The participants were the winners of the direction “My Mentor” of the first season of the project “Women: School of Mentoring”, which is implemented by the “United Russia Women’s Movement” together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation . . The goal of the project is to convey to university students the experience of successful women, provide young people with the opportunity to develop and realize their talents, and increase the prestige of the role of mentor in various fields. Mentors include deputies of the State Duma, regional legislative assemblies, representatives of government bodies of the constituent entities of Russia, universities, heads of public and commercial organizations.


During the event, participants presented their projects developed in pairs with their mentors. Its objective is professional guidance, the development of health care and assistance to the families of participants in special operations. For example, girls from the Kursk region have developed a program based on artificial intelligence that helps provide medical care to residents of remote areas. In the Nizhny Novgorod region, it was proposed to create a project of psychological assistance “Always nearby” for adolescents facing a difficult life situation and conflicts with peers. Participants from Dagestan created the project “Dagestan Fairy Tales in Braille”, which aims to make reading the folk cultural heritage of the peoples of Dagestan accessible to visually impaired people.

Based on the results of the sessions and strategic discussions, it was decided to expand the project for the second season, which begins in September, and expand it: it will be called “My Mentors.” Now male mentors and male mentors studying at the university will be able to participate in it.

In addition to the defense of projects, a series of conferences and seminars were held for the participants. Within the framework of the session “Dialogue between equals”, Daria Lantratova discussed with the participants the role of women in the preservation of traditional values.

“Understanding what values ​​are is especially acute in a critical situation. An excellent example is the residents of Donbass. Our reunified regions are today at the forefront of all social processes, and for them traditional values ​​are the basis of life, the “support structure”. Mutual assistance, family traditions, service, patriotism – for people it is a matter of survival. And it is very important for them to pass this on to their children, not to lose centuries-old traditions,” noted Daria Lantratova.


The deputy director of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Olga Petrova, also participated in the session “Dialogue between equals.”

“The track “My Mentor” from the United Russia party, which harmoniously entered the “Women: School of Mentoring” project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, created a community of women covering the entire country, those who are ready to to help, willing to advise in difficult times, willing to be there, to give a hand to our students from all the universities in our country. This is wonderful when that communication occurs, new projects are born,” said Olga Petrova.

“We saw how young women and students thank their mentors for growing in the profession, for changing their attitude towards themselves, their attitude towards the profession, their attitude towards choosing a specialty, towards their first job. From the first meetings with these girls, it is clear how effective this project is. They do not leave a single step behind their mentors and consult them on many things,” said Anton Serikov.

The speakers at the venue of the three-day intensive were director and producer Lina Arifulina, social psychologist Nailya Birarova, president of the Association of Specialists in the Field of Civil and Social Initiatives “STATUS” Zhanna Kotova, director of the International School of Business Mentoring and Leadership TalentEd. Liliya Shcheglova, writer Leonid Klein, deputy Anastasia Kuznetsova, head of the Nuclear Cities project office of the Rosatom State Corporation.

“The United Russia Women’s Movement party project pays great attention to mentoring.

More than 200 thousand successful and caring women are ready to become mentors for the younger generation. Mentoring is not a job function, but a calling, a desire to share knowledge, experience and traditions. And the goal of the “My Mentor” project, which we launched in September last year in 19 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, is not only to implement projects that are important for the region, but also to demonstrate by example that a woman can combine an educational path, a career, starting a family and having children “- emphasized Ekaterina Kharchenko.


In addition to the lectures, the participants of the event gave master classes on project management, their time, creating and promoting a public image.

Participants in the educational session also made proposals for further development, expansion and implementation of new formats in the direction “My Mentor”.

The United Russia Women’s Movement, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, launched the direction “My Mentor” in the Year of the Teacher and Mentor. Among its participants were university students from 19 regions of the country.

It should be noted that the objective of the project is to develop social design skills among female students, create a continuity system for the self-realization of young people and unlock their potential for the development of the country’s social policy and involve university students. in social, scientific, economic, political and creative activities.

The track participants, together with their mentors, developed their own social projects aimed at solving specific problems in their regions.

In total, since October 2023, more than 140 teams of mentors and students have been formed to work together on projects. About 100 different events were held. The participants prepared around 200 defense and execution projects, of which 50 were winners.

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