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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Patriarch Kirill: Due to mistrust between countries, there is a threat of a full-scale war KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 10:08:34

A lot has changed in the last 10 years, he says.

– Today we find ourselves in the most difficult environment of mutual distrust between countries, this tension is growing to such an extent that there is already a threat of a full-scale war. If relations have deteriorated so much, then, of course, this is a regression, – RIA Novosti quotes the words of Patriarch Kirill, spoken by him in the St. George Cathedral in Odintsovo, Moscow Region.

Mankind has never possessed “such terrible means of destruction” that now accumulate in arsenals.

– And if this arsenal of weapons does not correspond to the moral state of the human race, does not the threat of using these weapons increase? – asks the patriarch.

All this, in his opinion, testifies to the fact that “the scientific development of human civilization cannot guarantee either happiness or human security.”

Not a single man-invented philosophy can ensure human happiness, the patriarch believes, “but there is… what comes from God, unlimited in his abilities: this is his word, his law, the only one that can save a person.” person and everyone”. human race”, and “If people stop living according to this law, then destruction will come, because such a society and such a person are not viable.”

At the same time, the patriarch noted that “there is no general spiritual and moral progress on the scale of mankind either” and such progress “is made only within the framework of an individual human personality, both today and ten thousand years ago.”

– If a person correlates the Law of God with his life <...>is capable (according to her – editor’s note) of changing her life, if there are a lot of such people, then the true security of a person, society, the state and the whole planet is ensured, the patriarch insists.

– We pray today for peace, so that the Lord prevents any destructive development of international relations, which today have reached the most dangerous level. We pray that there will be no war, that common sense will prevail again, and that people with different political views and beliefs can find common ground for a peaceful and just life. And we must accompany this prayer with the desire to live according to God’s commandments. After all, if believers do not live according to the commandments, what to demand from that non-religious world, in whose hands is a terrible weapon? Each of us saves the world with our faith, piety, love – these are the values ​​that do not disappear, but are strengthened when other people share these values, said the Primate of the Russian Church.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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