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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Patriarch Kirill: Today’s hostilities are the consequence of a long conflict of civilizations KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 21:59:54

In the circumstances in which the conflict began, in the patriarch’s opinion, an undoubted religious dimension can be noticed, namely, “irrational hatred towards peoples who profess orthodoxy.”

It is hard not to notice this hatred in the events of 1999, when the full might of the Western military machine fell on Yugoslavia.

With the help of economic and political blackmail and the so-called “color revolutions”, a wedge is usually driven between countries whose peoples are the carriers of Orthodoxy.

The manifestation of this hatred, according to the patriarch, is the constant persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as the fomentation of schisms by the Ukrainian state authorities.

“The source of the internal war in Ukraine was the ill will of people hostile to the Cross of Christ, Christian freedom, the common heritage of the Dnieper source,” the patriarch said, “The ill will of people who during years and even decades have fueled divisions, enmities and hatreds in the united Orthodox people, divided by political borders, Holy Rus'”.

He sadly states that “the current struggle is internal, since it involves people who belong to the same people in their faith and traditions.”

As primate of the Church, whose flock is on both sides of the line of confrontation, the patriarch underlines that he perceives what is happening with deep pain, “and above all, the suffering of the peaceful people both in Russia and in Ukraine”. ” But the blame for this lies primarily with those who set as their goal the destruction of the unity of Holy Rus, the unity of our people and our faith, the patriarch believes.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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