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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Paulina Andreeva Filmed at a Dinner With Chubais and His Wife in a Restaurant in Istanbul

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 10:45:31

Paulina Andreeva is following many other stars who are leaving Russia for an expensive vacation. Paulina recently left her hubby, the star of Russian cinema Fyodor Bondarchuk and their two children to join them on this holiday in Istanbul. The actress dined with some friends before visiting a luxury restaurant destination- Anatoly Chubais and his wife, director Avdotya Smirnova. Stars can be seen hanging out together in the photo showing a bit of their discussion. Images of Paulina Andreeva’s company appeared on social networks.

At the moment, Paulina Andreeva and Chubais are sitting in the Isola restaurant in Istanbul. It’s surprising to see them both there, said the author of the Pink Birkin Telegram channel.

Rumors that Anatoly Chubais left Russia and went to Turkey surfaced on March 23. The former head of Rosnano resigned from the position of special representative of the Russian president on sustainable development and then disappeared from the field of view of journalists. After that, passers-by photographed him in Istanbul in line at an ATM.

Even though the Russian Minister of Education himself did not comment on his departure, it was reported by The New York Times that he had been forced to step down. The actress Paulina Andreeva, who holds a huge social media presence, has been one of the most vocal defenders of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Even after signing an open letter against Putin’s operation, she didn’t publicly commit to her position for fear of losing her career. Toward the end of February, Ms. Andreeva joined several actors and screenwriters from Russia to write and sign an open letter accusing Russian military forces in Ukraine. Afterward, she did not comment on her position and focused on her new endeavors: working as a television actress and starring in theater shows.

Since Avdotya Smirnova is married to Chubais, fans often theorize that the actress spends time with the ex-Prime Minister. Paulina Andreeva played one of the main roles in her husband’s television series and she’s currently starring in a movie as Vera Kholodnaya, the silent film star who was Vera Vertinsky’s lover. Paulina and Avdotya might be collaborating on their creative projects again.

Actress Ivana Andreeva was married to Fyodor Bonldarchuk last year. She gave him a son, Iván, in March of 2018 and took six months off to care for her newborn son. This is when she disappeared from the eyes of her fans and resumed her acting career.

Remember the couple, Anatoly Chubais and Avdotya Smirnova, who got married in 2012? The news of their marriage surprised a lot of people – they seemed too different, not to mention that Avdotya is 14 years younger than her husband.

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Puck Henry
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