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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Pavel Derevyanko pulled out a new girl

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 22:16:32

Pavel Derevyanko brought another chosen one to the premiere of his new film.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Pavel Derevyanko proudly wears the status of an enviable groom. The 46-year-old actor is a confirmed bachelor, and even the birth of two beautiful children did not make him stamp his passport. The actor broke up with his common-law partner Daria Myasishcheva two years ago. Since then, Pavel has been seen more than once with new girls. And it seems that the artist did not consider any of them a serious hobby. Derevyanko brought another darling to the premiere of his new film “Unprincipled in the Village”, a full continuation of the series “Unprincipled”, based on the stories of the writer Alexander Tsypkin.

Pavel played one of the main roles in the comedy Unprinciple in the Village.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

In the picture, Paul played one of the main roles. While the artist posed for photographers on the red carpet, his companion waited patiently on the sidelines, but then took a seat next to him in the auditorium. Derevyanko’s new girlfriend is a spectacular blonde, at least 20 years his junior. Seeing that they were being filmed together, the actor visibly tensed. Apparently, Pavel did not plan to introduce her companion to the general public and make her relationship with her public.

Derevyanko lived with the mother of his children, Daria Myasishcheva, for more than ten years. The actor then left the family and later returned to his wife. Daria is the granddaughter of Soviet aircraft designer Vladimir Myasishchev, a lawyer by training. A few years ago, she opened her own business: a bakery. In 2010, the first daughter of her Barbara with Pavel was born. The artist then lived separately and only visited the child. In 2014, his second daughter, Sasha, was born.

Judging by the reaction, Pavel did not plan to introduce his partner to the general public and make his relationship with her public.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

After the birth of the girl, Pavel moved in with Daria and the children, but assured that they still had an open relationship. Three years ago, Derevyanko hinted that he would marry the mother of his children. But then he refuted and said that he and Daria were already happy with everything. Probably, Myasishcheva was still tired of this state of affairs, and she decided to part with a confirmed bachelor. According to the couple, they parted peacefully, without scandals and continue to raise Sasha and Barbara together.

“We really parted ways, but so that you understand how everything looks: we still love each other, we still respect each other, we are raising children,” the ex-spouses said in a joint video shot for social networks. – We are partners, friends, but no longer a couple. Nobody went to nobody, please don’t worry. We’re ok. No one found the young, no one ran away. We are free and happy people. We just decided that it would be better this way, so as not to lead to some stupid moments.

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Puck Henry
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