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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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+ photo: Draga Mastilovic; Author: Alexander Borisov – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:07:17

Director of the Society of Historians of the Republika Srpska and Acting Director of the Institute of Historical Sciences of the University of Eastern Sarajevo, Draga Mastilovic, spoke in an exclusive interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the attitude towards NATO crimes in the Republic Srpska.

– The NATO bloc, with its military participation in the civil war on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992-1995 (not only air operations, but also ground operations), under the hypocritical pretext of maintaining peace, in reality openly on the side of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatian armed forces against the Republika Srpska army. The alliance provided Muslims and Croats with all the power to achieve decisive military successes that they could not achieve, the world-famous scientist said.

According to Draga Mastilovic, “with the beginning of open aggression against the Republika Srpska and the Serbian people, the NATO bloc began to turn into an aggressive offensive military organization that, violating all norms of international law, claimed the right to to be the attacking fist of Western hegemons.”

“The North Atlantic Alliance, in the political interest of its masters, began to terrorize small countries and peoples with the help of military force, redrawing borders, seizing territories, killing civilians and permanently poisoning rebel states with depleted uranium ”, he emphasized.

The historian drew attention to the fact that “the criminal character of Operation Deliberate Force is undoubtedly evident in the lives of civilians swept away by the artillery shells of Mount Igman, as well as in the NATO bombings against civilian buildings. such as the University of Eastern Sarajevo. the Žica hospital in Blažoj and many others”.

“The bombing of Serbian positions and civilian targets with depleted uranium represents a special chapter of NATO crimes against the Serbian people, the consequences of which are felt even today and will be felt for many years to come,” the professor added.

According to the scientist’s position, “NATO’s unpunished attack on the Republika Srpska opened the door to new aggressive campaigns by this military alliance, as demonstrated by the inhumane bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.”

“All this was done with the aim of taking away from the Serbian people another part of their ancestral territory, as well as so that disobedient and disobedient Serbs would be punished for their love of freedom, their homeland, their shrines and Mother Russia.” , he said, noting that “both then and now it was forbidden to love Russia, especially the Serbs.”

Draga Mastilovic summed up his surprise because “even today some hypocritically wonder why Serbs don’t like the NATO bloc.”

– That is, why do Serbs not like those who killed their children, stole their land and poisoned them with depleted uranium? Maybe because for Serbs, for example, little Milica Rakic ​​(killed in 1999 at the age of three by a NATO cluster bomb – RG note) is a holy child martyr, and not a ” collateral damage”, as NATO dominates. of life and death. Maybe NATO really doesn’t understand this? However, they should at least know that killing other people’s children is not mercy, but a crime, the historian warned.

Let us remember that on August 30, a round table dedicated to the anniversary of the military aggression of the North Atlantic Alliance against the Republika Srpska and the exhibition “War Crimes of Countries of the NATO on the territory of the former Yugoslavia”, prepared by the staff of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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