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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Planned Coup in Germany Wanted to Create an Army, Said the Prosecutor General

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:58:02

German Attorney General Frank: Coup Suspects Planned to Create a New Army

The German military, which is currently under the control of the Defense Minister, is preparing to create a new, non-military force.

Within the text, the departments say something about a conspiratorial council that worked in place of the government.

“In addition to this council, which planned to create a new structure of the state, according to our information, their “military wing” was supposed to found a new German army,” the prosecutor general said.

Early this morning, the German police carried out a large-scale operation against right-wing extremists who were planning to storm the Bundestag and rebels in an attempt to overthrow the government.

German authorities have arrested 25 suspects who were found when a search was launched for one of the perpetrators of the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. In addition, 27 additional suspects were detained, and searches are being executed in their homes.

The military wing of the association includes 14 out of 25 detainees. Some of them are former military personnel and the ideological foundations of their conspiracy were borrowed from the “Reichsbürger” or “Citizens of the Reich” network, as well as QAnon.

Rumors say if successful, the attackers planned to form a military government and use contacts to start negotiating with “former allies following the Second World War.”

Allegedly, an ex-member of the Bundestag from the German “Alternative for Germany” party, Birgit Malzack-Winkemann, has been detained by law enforcement agencies in relation to an alleged conspiracy that she was to become Minister of Justice under the new government. Party leaders Alisa Weidel and Tino Khrupalla have both openly denounced the allegations and are waiting for more information.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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