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Monday, December 4, 2023
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Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO.

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 13:30:27

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (Photo 1)



In 2023, I want to wish myself strength and energy, and also get sick less. Therefore, I already plan regular trips to yoga and stress-reducing massages. From the new: I want to try facial massage to reduce puffiness and make the features more elegant. I also promise to be attentive to the health of my hair and I am already choosing which trichologist to go to. Ideally, I want to return the magnificent hair that I once had, for which you cannot do without a course of vitamins.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 2)



My mother once said the phrase: “For some reason everyone thinks that their life is a draft.” So, I don’t know how responsibly I will take New Year’s resolutions of this type, such as “drink more water” or “play sports”, because the year that is ending has changed many aspects of our lives and showed how some things in life goals may be insignificant for this moment. But I definitely want to promise myself to live and enjoy today, immediately write it down “on a clean copy”, whatever it is, because “now it won’t happen twice”. And in everyone to see a piece of good and kindness, because in just six months I turned into a terrible pessimist, which has a very bad effect on my mental and physical state. Well, less sweet, Sash!

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 3)



I certainly was a mean girl this year. Towards the end of 2021, she vowed to add sleep (yeah, right) and facial care using gadgets to daily workouts, a clean diet, and massages. I confess that I had enough for exactly half a year (which, taking into account the world situation, is not bad in principle). But still. In the coming 2023, I promise to take myself and rollerballs / gouache in hand, honestly!

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 4)



The other day I started cross-country skiing for the first time since school days. In physical education classes, I usually trudged somewhere in the back and was always afraid of falling: what if I couldn’t get up? They would all leave and I would freeze in a snowdrift. It’s great to deal with children’s anxieties, even though I still feel as clumsy on skis as I did twenty years ago. Since January 2023, I take individual lessons with a coach and in three months, until the snow melts, I plan to learn to skate with confidence.

Of the other beauty promises, finally adapt to quickly comb unruly hair. This year I got a magical Dyson styler, but the magic hasn’t happened yet: I can’t get used to it, I get confused about which nozzle does what, I’m not always happy with the result. During the January holidays, in quiet mode, I want to review all the instructions on YouTube.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 5)



Every December, I write myself a list of goals for the coming year. And this list necessarily includes several beauty promises, which I also try to keep (it is not always possible, but more and more items can be marked with a green checkmark).

By 2023, I will definitely write the following:


Start the morning with a glass of warm water (you can with lemon). And in general, drink more water throughout the day.


Be more attentive to your diet. Eat only when you are very hungry and eat less.


Do not be lazy to take care of your health. Take vitamins and get checked up.


Move more, exercise at least 3 times a week. Choose something that will bring you not only benefit, but also pleasure from the process: dancing, swimming, playing tennis.


And, perhaps most importantly, a digital detox. I will try to be distracted from the virtual world more often and spend more time in the real world, with loved ones and close people.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 6)



Since the pace of my life will change a bit in the coming year, I hope to make positive adjustments to my daily routine as well. I’ve been keeping a food diary since mid-November and want to continue in 2023. I also plan to start running again in the mornings and just walk more, especially since my current location is very conducive to this.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 7)



Now I have little faith in the peculiarity of the New Year period and I want to make promises no matter what time of year. But I agree with myself on a couple of points. First, I will give more movement and attention to the body. This applies to both sports and nutrition. I’m already waiting for spring to get my Nordic walking poles. The second: I want to be more attentive to mental health. From the most immediate plans: to connect to a therapist continuously. And in the year that is ending, I thank myself for the useful check-ups and the strict beauty discipline in home care: these promises made in December 2021 have been fulfilled.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 8)

Anastasia Drozdova


The most important promise I make to myself every month after my facial breakouts is to take a more responsible approach to skin care. I would also like to find my own psychologist who will help me reduce stress and not worry about trifles. By the way, I would also like to promise this. Last but not least, stop being lazy and skip your workouts. And if there is not enough time, find at least half an hour to do cardio at home, go up to the 14th floor or take a walk in the park.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 9)




I have 3 thousand cans of creams, serums and masks, but I always forget about the body. I promise to buy myself a body cream and I will use it.


I was gifted a road bike this year, but I never rode a single group bike ride. Next year I will prepare for the 100 km race.


This year has been long and hard. Against the background of great stress, I stopped monitoring my diet: I forgot about cereals and soups, but fast food and pastries returned to my life. Despite the stressors, I promise not to forget that the quality of the diet is very important for physical and emotional health.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 10)

Ksenia Kitaeva


The year that is ending once again proved that self-care is the only thing that can save us from external chaos, and therefore I plan to spend 2023 again under the auspices of self-care. Going to a therapist or buying cosmetics, playing tennis and cross-country skiing – all this helps me come to my senses after a hard day and the noise of additional information that is somehow present in life.

I would like to add to the list next year regular massage and Pilates exercises, which significantly increase my dopamine levels. And, of course, I promise myself not to forget to take an impressive amount of vitamins, the indicators of which have decreased significantly after the second covid.

Plans for 2023: New Year’s beauty promises from the editors of BURO. (photo 11)



I do not promise, but I wish for activities that I constantly relegate to the background with my sedentary work: swimming in the pool in winter and in the sea in summer, long walks in the park or simply through the streets, a bicycle or a scooter when I get tired of walking. It would also be great not to give up intermittent fasting in the 16/8 mode, which, although it hasn’t helped me lose weight yet, serves as a great incentive not to eat after 7:00 p.m.

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