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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Playlist BURO.: dancing non-banal pop from the label “Primer Musical”

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 16:45:30

Alan Belini is a part-time DJ, sound producer, and A&R manager for the First Musical label, which releases music by Zivert, IOWA, Max Svoboda, Tosya Chaikina, and other pop stars, as well as helping aspiring musicians. Especially for BURO. Alan has compiled a playlist in which everyone will find a suitable track for themselves and will be able to get acquainted with the artists of the label.

Zivert – “Laughter and Sin”

Is there anything worth commenting on here? For me, Julia’s work is always references, nostalgia, something recognizable, lyrics full of meaning and the energy you feel in each song, in each interpretation. I will pay special attention to the cover – it fits perfectly into the media field and will definitely attract subscribers of the Slovo Dna channel.

Goartur – “Foreigner”

At least a piece of this cover of the well-known song “Foreigner” by Valery Meladze on social networks you listened to 100%. At the moment this is my favourite. For almost a year I dedicated myself to signing the track, because due to various factors something was always delayed. But the result definitely makes me happy – the track is on the second line of the Yandex.Music list.

Tasiia – “strange twist”

Nastya came to us with R&B tracks, but due to the fact that such music doesn’t get the most coverage in Russia, at some point we took it to pop. However, they now decided that they had to go all the way and released “Strange Turn”. A great track for old school R&B lovers, listeners will find a little reference to zeros on it (hint: this is a sample).

Nemiga – “Crazy Saturday”

My favourites! When I got to work at the label, they showed me these guys and I loved the first sound. Their music is a cocktail of styles, and many times the band uses an electronic sound, which is very close to me. In this song, on the contrary, they decided to delve into the lyrics and make a light song that inspires you to take a car and go on a trip with a movie camera.

Slava Marlow, Biicla – “Where to find the strength”

Hurrah! Finally, in Russia, electronic dance music conquers the charts. I think Slava needs no introduction. And Biicla may not be familiar to someone. Thanks to his music, the musician, like many Russian sound producers, was first in demand in the West. And now, as a result of a creative union with Slava, a cool electronic track in Russian was born.

Niceshoes – “Higher”

I cheated here, this is a track from my Niceshoes solo home project. I tried to convey as much as possible the mood that I want to carry in my work: lightness, positive, danceable. By the way, I am already preparing several new songs and I hope you will listen to them very soon.

Ovak – “Friends”

Yes, this song was released in early 2022, but the chorus from there still pops in my head. David uses synthwave references in his work, on tracks, covers and images. Overall, it has a lot of good themes, but I picked my favorite.

Polina Chili – “Loser”

Polina is the type of girl who immerses herself in her creativity and constantly generates new material. In the song “Loser” she expressed the thoughts of many girls who believe that something is wrong in their lives, but at the same time they are not afraid to admit it. By the way, the cover art of this release deserves special praise.

Dear Diary – “Pretend”

As you will understand, we again enter the letter. The girls of “Dear Diary” know how to do it right. After the song “Floors” they opened up to me from a completely different side, and now they delight with such incredibly warm lyrics.

Pegas – “Do not reboot”

My acquaintance with Dasha’s work began with the song “Meet”, even then I heard a lot of soul in her songs. In the same composition, she appears in the lyrical image of a girl with a big heart. I advise you to listen to Pegas to find what is often missing from modern tracks: meaning and music.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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