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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Playlist BURO.: what the organizers of “Anton is right here” heard during the preparation of the festival

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 11:20:28

Text: Arina Extreme

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On August 23, on the territory of the port of Sevkabel, the music festival “Anton is near” will take place under the motto “A good day to be.” The program includes Zoloto, Hadn Dadn, Kedr Livansky, Sisters and others. Especially for BURO. on the eve of the event, the festival team collected tracks for a great atmosphere.

Tanya Panteleeva

communication director of the “Anton is right here” festival and co-founder of Doing Great Agency


My main clue for anxious situations that are very difficult to be in! I turn it on (most importantly – louder!), And the problems, of course, do not solve themselves, but it becomes much more pleasant to interact with them.

katya shtareva

general producer of the festival and co-founder of Doing Great Agency

Mac DeMarco

Slow, sticky and smooth – that’s what I look like on a good day, and this Mac DeMarco track fits the bill perfectly.


student of the foundation, author of the festival motto “Anton is right here”

Nikita Mikhalkov – “And I am walking, walking around Moscow”

Because I love the song!

lena hazel

Commercial Director of the Anton is Right Here Foundation

Four tet: three drums

This is a recent Four Tet release, I listened to it all of May, it’s wordless but through the music it conveys a sense of inner strength and hope that good days are on the horizon.


producer of the administrative and artistic part of the fund

Galya Chikis, Sveta Ben – “The most evil”

“But you are as happy as a child who burns a school newspaper for a moment.” What a saving song, because well, who else is left to be.

masha zhmurova

member of the Anton is Right Here Foundation Orchestra

Zoloto – “Let’s Stay Here”

This is romantic pop music. We heard Zoloto when we were on tour in Dresden two years ago.


general producer of the festival and co-founder of Doing Great Agency

Dmitry Malikov – “Mother-Summer”

I recommend this song because it exists. Cheerful and summery.

dasha karpova

SMM-festival specialist

Lera Masskva – “We are with you”

Flashbacks to the legendary series and youth are possible. It is impossible to sit quietly under the vibrations of the dance. Don’t limit yourself, move your head and arms to the beat!

Anya Kolchina

festival public relations specialist

Zemfira – “Daisies”

For some reason, the soul sings of this song and I want to dance! And I immediately remember a carefree childhood: daisies in the garden, players and folding phones, ice cream for 10 rubles and a lot of friends around.

tanya kolenova

SMM-festival specialist

Bresden – “Sparks”

Because in each one of us there is always a spark of dance, funk, mischief.

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