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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Plump Anna Kalashnikov was suspected of pregnancy

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:54:12

A few years ago, Kalashnikova could become a mother again.


Singer and talk show star Anna Kalashnikova came to the presentation of the PR agency of producer Marina Yermoshkina in a magnificent dress that could not hide the fact that the 38-year-old artist had a belly.

At secular parties, they immediately began to talk about the pregnancy of Kalashnikova, who, as you know, has always wanted to give her son Daniel a sister.

Let’s remember: Anna Kalashnikova gave birth to her only son in 2015. The artist never told journalists about the father of the child, it is only known that the man was very rich. Upon learning of Anna’s pregnancy, her chosen one disappeared, and for all these years he has not been in contact with her and the child.

The artist hides her belly under puffy dresses

Photo: Alina CHERNOVA

A few years ago, Kalashnikova could become a mother again. The singer and her then-boyfriend were expecting a daughter, but the artist had a miscarriage. This tragedy divorced the couple, they could not survive the loss of a child.

And during the pandemic, Anna again decided to become a mother. The singer feared that the pregnancy would again end in tragedy, so she resorted to the services of a surrogate mother. However, it later emerged that the woman was not pregnant with Anna’s child, but with her own. Kalashnikova found out about this shortly before the birth of a surrogate mother.

And now the singer, it seems, again decided to replenish the family.

The alleged father of the future baby is called businessman Ivan Semenov, with whom Anna has been together for the past three years. The couple broke up for a while, there were difficulties, but now, as the artist wrote on her social networks, they are trying to overcome the crisis.

The singer recently admitted on her blog that she gave Iván a cat.

– At the end of December, I prayed for a miracle for myself and my beloved – a baby cat, which I gave him for the New Year! Anna Kalashnikova said on social networks. -To my surprise, the boy was waiting for her a lot and she was even happier than me.

I really regretted not giving this gift a year ago, when we started having discord in our relationship… Now this bundle of happiness lives with us for almost two months. There is no limit to my joy, I am happy that my beloved loves her very much. And the cat loves him so much that it is very pleasant to look at him to tears! So touching that they coo! Love is love! said the singer.


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