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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Plump lips, eyebrows-strings: 60-year-old Zhanna Aguzarova showed her face after plastic surgery

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 15:49:58

Zhanna Aguzarova.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Zhanna Aguzarova traded her seventh decade, but no one would dare call the queen of rock and roll a grandmother. The artist is carefully monitored and she is not going to lose the battle with her age. Although the singer never admitted to having visited a plastic surgeon, this fact is said to be obvious. Today’s Aguzarova bears little resemblance to the ancient “alien from Mars”, as she was ten years ago. On social networks, Zhanna shared a fresh image, giving fans the opportunity to see her face up close.

The artist decided to congratulate subscribers on Epiphany and reminded that this day is auspicious for bathing in the hole.

“Today we all get into the water! We load some water, pour holy water into the containers, it is checked, it works even when you clean the apartment! Epiphany! At 12 at night we wash away the sins! And a new life! -Aguzarova wrote on her page.

The singer posted a selfie, showing that she once again changed her image. Zhanna made a new hairstyle, twisting light curls, changed the shape of her eyebrows; now they are fashionable threads and, apparently, it has enlarged her lips even more. Judging by the photo, the artist herself did makeup. Attentive fans noticed that her false eyelashes had come loose from her eye and one eyebrow was oddly curved.

The singer shared a new image and congratulated the fans on the Epiphany. Photo: social networks.

Recently, the singer is increasingly getting in touch with connoisseurs of her talent. In early January, the artist wished her followers a happy new year by posting a photo in a skimpy bikini. Netizens noted that at the age of 60, Zhanna she retained a toned figure and boasted long, slender legs.

In the 90s, Aguzarova began to amaze the audience and went on stage in extravagant outfits, multi-colored hair and bright makeup. In the 2000s, the artist unexpectedly announced her connection with space: they say that she comes from Mars, and she flew to Earth just to visit. The star’s wardrobe was replenished with silver hoodies, hats from foil and other attributes of alien fashion.

In recent years, the queen of domestic rock and roll rarely shows herself in public. Therefore, each appearance of the singer arouses the most lively interest among fans. In 2022, the artist gave several concerts in Moscow clubs and in the Green Theater at VDNKh, and all performances were sold out. Although Aguzarova performs infrequently, the demand for her is quite large, and the organizers are ready to pay her good money for singing. Her fees for her concerts range from 20 to 50 thousand euros (1.5 to 3.5 million rubles).


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